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Tuesday 8 May 2012

Accessories haul

Hey lovely ladies

Well here is my next instalment of my shopping trips that have taken place over the last few months. This is my favourite category accessories.... :o) I do seriously have a problem with acessories and currently bracelets seem to be at the top of mylist of obsessions....

I think you will see that I have suddenly got into GOLD in a big way lol...

So enough waffle here is what I am currently lovin!

Gold bracelets - Part I
I loveeee these. All of these fab bracelets are from eBay and are less than £12 each. I think the leather type cuff is very similar to a Marc Jacobs and it comes in lots of different colours. If you want any of the sellers names please let me know..

Gold bracelets - Part II
Top bracelet - HM - and I think this was about £6
Bottom bracelet - French Connection (got for Xmas so can't remember price sorry)

Spike cuff - EBay - £4 approx
Big hexagon cuff - HM - £5 approx
Gold/silver cuff - EBay - (can't remember but let me know if you want EBayer name)

Left - Dorthy Perkins - £1 yes £1 think it was a mistake but I am not complaining
Right - Dorthy Perkins - £5 for the set in the sale so happy with both purchases :)

Clutch - ASOS
Can't remember how much sorry as it was an Xmas pressie but they do still have them on there.

Clutch - Zara - £30
I loveeee this bag.I have the black one (will show you this in my faves) and saw the summer version and had to get it as I know these bad boys sell out fast

Clutch - Republic - £10
Again I got this just after Xmas so I got it in the sale but you may find them on eBay

Shoes - Matalan
I think these were about £14. They are a nice height for every day (not had chance to wear them yet cos the weather is cold and stupid!

Shoes - All these shoes are from New Look and were about £20 each
I have had all these shoes for a couple of months and became addicted to these as they are a nice height and heel and are pretty comfy for a night out and loveeee all the colours..

So there you have it, the next instalment of my mammoth shopping trip. As you can see I have had some of these things for a long while as some were Xmas pressies. If you want to know eBay sellers or any other details please let me know.

Will be posting OOTD v soon featuring some of these items.

t x

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