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Sunday, 21 November 2010

R.I.P Mr Bam Bam

Evening ladies

Just a little post to apologise for not posting for nearly a month and to share so very sad news with you all.

My lovely little man

As some of you know I have been on holiday to Florida and got back last weekend. After all the unpacking and getting in the normal daily rut I had not had any time for any new posts.

After being back for a couple of days one of my beautiful kitties Bam Bam fell sick. We took him to the vets on Wednesday and he was kept in as they thought it was an infection or worse a tumour. On the Friday he started improving and we went to see him as they thought it was asthma and told he would be taken out of the oxygen tank he was in and that he may be able to come home on either the Sunday or the Monday. As you can imagine was was ecstatic.

This excitement was very short lived as within a few hours my poor little man became even more sick than we thought. We got a phone at 1am that same night to say he was really struggling to breath and they thought he should be put to sleep.

We had to be there so rushed straight down to the vets to hold him and say goodbye :o(

Hubby and I are completely and utterly devastated even though we know it was the for the best. He was only 9 years old and been through so much in his short little life. He had his leg broken when he was a kitten and some b......d shot his eye out with an airgun yes it never ceases to amaze me how evil some people are! He had ear troubles but always the happiest little cat in the world and loved everyone.

I am very sorry this is such a depressing post but it helps me to write this down and I wanted to share with you guys why I have been absent for so long. I also wanted to show you what a pretty little man he was.

I will resume with my normal posting shortly but need to take a little while to deal with the loss of my little baby.

Love and hugs

t xx

Here is a couple of cheeky snaps for you:

Being nosey

Taking up all the sofa

Looking very fat but honestly that is just the pic!