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Friday, 25 June 2010

Couple of cheeky purchases

Evening my little princesses

Well as you can see I have been shopping again!!! You lot must think that is all I do!!! lol. Honestly this is not the case I just appear to have purchased a few more items than normal as I am going on holiday in 2 weeks (well that is my excuse anyway lol). So without further ado this is what I got....

Jewellery - I got this little lot from Matalan and they had 20% off all their jewellery so I had to get something lol :o) They had so many cute things I could have bought so much more, so you can see I was actually good lol!

Matalan - Necklace, I love this it seems to go with so many things and the lace bows are soooo cute

Matalan - Suddenly very into pearls!!!

Matalan - Once again this is mega cute especially with all the little charms

This is what they look like on (already had a little pearl bracelet laying around to layer with)....

Accessories - Just a couple of things from New Look and Primark

New Look - I thought this little belt was a bit different and it was like £5 I think. Again I had a 20% off voucher so I just had to use it lol

New Look - this was on my little wish list and it is so cute. Goes really well with my little ballet pumps from Primark - a very handy shopping bag me thinks!

Primark - This is such a cute headband. I have not tried the elastic ones before as I thought they would just slip off my little pea head. So far so good and this was like £1 BARGAIN!

Clothes - Only got a few things but will be honest that I am taking the dresses back but still thought I would show you! (I am a nightmare for that as in the past I used to keep EVERYTHING and still have loads of things with labels on them so I am good now that if I am not 100% sure it goes back)! - Are you impressed hehe

Primark - Firstly excuse the fact it is creased and totally needs an iron!!! I love this shirt it was only like £8 and you get the belt. Just think you can do so many things with it - oh and you need a smaller size than normal which always makes me feel good lol

New Look - I wanted a dress that i could wear for a meal with heels or wedges or with flip flops for nice summer days. I do like this dress and but sadly this is not THAT dress so it is going back!

New Look - This is also going back. I really really like it but I really love the Lipsy ones so I would rather pay a bit more and get the one I want. Plus the fact it is my Birthday next week (not telling my age hehe) and I will buy my Lipsy one then.

So their you have it a few little things that have worked there way into my wardrobe!!! Hope you likey and let me know your thoughts

t xx

Wednesday, 23 June 2010

My fantastic prize from the lovely Lauren

Evening guys

Well today I was sitting at work when Mr Postman delivered my fantastic prize from Lauren at Lauren's Dressing room.

Getting parcels at work is always the best but especially when it is something you have won. I never win anything so it made me super happy hehe.

Lauren ran a competition a couple of weeks ago which asked you to send in your funniest holiday pic along with a story of why it was took. Check out her blog to see what why she choose my pics (I still giggle about it now lol)


So enough of me going on this is what I won:

Hello Kitty toiletry wash case
Hello Kitty lip balm
Shower wash
Primark Flower corsage
Barry M Cyan Blue nail paint
Barry M Baby Pink nail paint
ASOS gold heart earrings
New Look Pink & Gold bangles
Topshop Sunglasses
Cecilia Ahern – A Place Called Here
Sanctuary 250ml Body Lotion
Sanctuary travel sized foaming bath wash.
Lush BIG shampoo
Lush Ma Bar bubble bar
A personalised cupcake card from yours truly!

It all came in some very lovely packaging and a very cutie card from the lovely Lauren herself :o)

So here are the pics:
As you can see she has spent lots of time making it looks super special....

As I have only just opened this (not been in long) I have not had a proper time to play but I totally love the sunnies. The Blue nail polish is going on my pinkies tomorrow and that little flower is already sitting proud on my little denim number. That Hello Kitty washbag is def coming on my hols with me in a couple of weeks to lol

Can't wait to try the shampoo tom :o)

So on that note I am off to beddy byes but I just wanted to finish this by saying a huge Thank You so much Lauren I really am super chuffed and I love my prize

It has definitely made me want to do my own competition in the near future, so watch this space...

t xxxxx

Monday, 21 June 2010

Tonights mani featuring Gosh and Essie

Hey pretty petals

A very quick post.....

Sorry for those of you that are interested I have been mega slack this week. No excuse whatsoever just pure laziness which is very naughty.

Neway just done a quick mani which looks much nicer on than in these rather shocking pics. The polishes are......

Essie - Splash of Grenadine (Resort collection)
Gosh - 546 Rainbow

I have to say I forgot how fab this Gosh Rainbow polish was. It is my one and only Flakey and it just looks really really pretty. I am not a huge fan of glitters on my fingers but this one is in a league of it's own as it has a kind of AB effect so totally different to any other sparkly style polish I own. I have tried this over lots of polishes and no matter which one I have put it on with, it always looks special and pretty.....

I have done a review on the resort collection in the past so if you are liking this little pink number check out my previous posts.

So without further ado here are the rather hideous pics of my little sausages.....

Saturday, 19 June 2010

Couple of cheeky bracelets from ebay

Evening ladies

Hope everyone is well.

Not got much to show you tonight but I did win a couple of little bracelets from good old ebay.

First up a little number. I got this one in white as I thought it would be nice with a tan.

My fave thought is this one. Thought it was really really nice and something a bit different

I only won them last night so I wont know what they are like in real life. If you likey and want to know the seller and what my thoughts are when they arrive just let me know
t xxx

Tuesday, 15 June 2010

New Look lust haves

Evening Princesses

I was having a nose on the New Look website as I can not believe I have lost my fave casual trousers so wanted to see if they still had them!!! I have no idea how I have lost them, how the hell do you loose a pair of trousers!!! I am so cross. So whilst looking I thought I would see what else I fancied.

HELP What would you do keep searching but no idea where or buy them again?????

These are them:


Other bits I thought were cute

Dress - Not sure about this dress but may be cute on or look like a sac!

Top - very much heart embellishments

Skirt - cute and flirty but would I wear it????

Jewellery and Accessories

Earrings - I loveeeeeeeeeeee these I think I will have to purchase!

Necklace - Again cute but would have to see it for real first me thinks

Bangles - very into large bangles at the moment

This one is really unsual

I do love a little bag and this is such a pretty colour for summer (if we ever get one that is)!

Would need to see these on and sooo don't need ANOTHER pair of shoes lol

So there yo have it. Let me know what you think and if there is anything about that you really MUST have lol
To have a nose at New Look go to http://www.newlook.com/ and they currently have 20% off all dresses :o)
t xxxx

Monday, 14 June 2010

Models Own swatches and review

Evening little cupcakes

Well tonight is a little swatching session for the 3 new Models Own polishes I just purchase in the Lakeside branch of Boots. As some of you may or may know (or care lol) this range is one of my faves if not my fave as they have such a wicked range of colours to try.

Lakeside was the first branch that was close to me that I could get to so I was soooo excited. I actually took a photo of the stand and a crowd of people seemed to descend on me much to my embarrassment, my mate walked away lol!!! (It was a proper cringe moment as I tried to explain what I was up to and no one really knew what the hell I was on about lol)!!!

Well enough of my waffling here are the pics and reviews

First up the stand - I had to show this after the trouble i went to - it is preedddyyy lol

My 3 new purchases
Fuzzy Peach
Jade Stone
Purple Purple

Fuzzy Peach - I have wanted this forever and did this yesterday in a mega rush with a SV top coat. After I took this and it came straight off as was a shocking mani. I will be honest out of all the polishes I own by Models Own this was one of the hardest to get an even coverage. Even with 3 coats it was still slightly streaky and could have done with a 4th. However saying that I do love the colour and it will look fab when I actually get a tan (not much chance with this lovely English summer we are having though)!!!

Jade Stone - This is one of their recent additions to the MO collection. I literally did this about 15 mins ago for this post. Now this was more like it a nice even coverage with the standard 2 coats that I am used to. Not actually worn this yet but I do likey lots. Thinking I am going to do an Ice Cream swatch with some of my fave MO polishes.

Pure Purple - Ahhh this is the one I have chosen to wear as this is a bit of me. I am such a purple girlie and have tons of purples but I do like this. It is similar to Purple Rain but not as dark. I have not done a dark colour for a while now so this makes a nice change. Again this is a another new polish from their recent additions. This is 2 coats and went on lovely, I also added a SV top coat.

So their you have it. I think I now own a grand total of 27 Models Own polishes at the moment (wait that is slightly embarrassing right)!!! Oh well I know I will continue to keep adding to this silly amount of polishes that I really don't need but totally love hehe
If you want to see more Models Own swatches look in my labels list or if you want me to swatch any that I have not done yet please let me know. (Sorry my painting and swatches are not great but you get the general idea)
t xxxx
WOW just realised how much Purple Rain and Pure Purple alike. When I take this off I will do a proper comparison!

Saturday, 12 June 2010

Another Shopping Haul!!

Evening Petals - well today I have the loveliest day shopping with one of my BFF at Lakeside. We were looking for bits and bobs for our cheeky week away to Spain in July. This is what I got.

I will start of with accessories.....

First up a little selection from Miss Selfridge. I have wanted a skull scarf for a while (I know they have been around for yonks and as normal I am the last person to get one lol)! so I was chuffed I got this. Plus all Diva jewellery had 25% off - fantastic.

Close up image of my feather earrings and bracelet, this is so pretty as it has lots of mirrors on it. I was so happy as I had seen the bracelet in TopShop with a selection of others that I was not that bothered about and found this in there and it was loads cheaper with the 25% off :o).

Really loved the butterfly scarf so had to have that along with the shades. Both of those were from Claires. I had bought this skull scarf first from Peacock, it was only £5 so will keep it lol.

These cute little pumps were from Primark along with the eyelashes. Loving all the neutral shades at the moment, again so did not need them but hey they were cute. Had to try the eyelashes at £1.50, will let you know what they are like as in will they stay put? or end up on my cheek in the kebab shop at the end of the night lol.

Huge chunky bangles were from H&M. I got the silver one for my white dress which is in my May haul with the embellished shoulders. May get another so it looks like it is part of the dress.

Now for the clothes...

I loveeeeeeeeee this top. This was from H&M. I am trying lots of new styles as I am girl that tends to purchase the same item in 10 colours lol so this was a new styleee for me and I likely lots (now I will buy this in 1o colours hehe).

I saw Millie on Pearls and Poodles in this (sorry I stalked your style again sweets) and she looked so cool. I forgot about it and saw it in H&M and it just kind of called to me so I had to have it. I am such an embellished shoulder gal and I blame Imogen from FoxyLocks for that. Both ladies always looks fab.

This is another H&M number and again I loveeeeeeeee this. Just such a cutie top. My hubby loved this one I wonder why!

Finally my Maxi dress. This is from Quiz clothing http://www.quizclothing.com/ and is the second and last to my collection (promise lol). I wanted a smarter one (again see May's haul) as the other one I have is more casual.

I was not sure at first as I thought do those little crystals make it look cheap and tacky so I wandered off thinking about it along with another dress which I still want haha. So I went back to the shop and tried on a smaller size and it felt really really nice, my mate who is very very honest said it looked really really lovely and special so this little baby came home with me...

Close up of the top which again does not do this dress any justice.

So there you have it. I also bought some Models Own nail polishes which I will post separately. Hope you like it all I know I could have bought so many things as their was so much out there that i needed oopps I meant wanted lol...

I was thinking of doing some OOTD (yes I will pop them on and show my ugly mug) If you want me to let me know.

Also to top of my fantastic day I won a blogger competition and I am soooo chuffed. It was from Laurens dressing room and you had to post you funniest holiday snap so check it out (and please excuse my horrendous belly, only just noticed that shocking lol)


Ta ta for now my little petals

t x

Thursday, 10 June 2010

Primark haul

Evening ladies. Well I had a few cheeky trips to Primark recently and purchase a couple of items (I use the term couple loosely lol)!! However some of these little gems looked totally pants on me (see other ladies modelling them and they looked fab) so they went back but thought I would show you anyway.....

This is what I kept...

This dress was like £5 and look so teeny thought it would not go over my thigh (I am not teeny, trust me) but it fit like a glove. Looks fab with a large belt

I have wanted a ballerina skirt of so long, I love the Lipsy ones but know I wont get the use of out them. This was fit lovely and it was only £7 BARGIN

Finally another ballerina skirt. I really only wanted one but this looked so nice with a fitted corset and my cream peep toes I had to keep it. Again £7 - what a result

Now what I took back - I took loads back!!!!

Loved this but did not know where I would wear it as it was a bit short for work and not smart enough for a night out - think it was £9

How tight can one piece of elastic be!!! Was going to get a larger one but all the bigger sizes had sold out - think it was about £7

Again v cute but bit snug (I need to go on a diet badly lol) again think about £7

This was wayyy short and flarey - top bit was nice but rest looked shocking. Sorry can't remember price

I saw this on Millie from Pearls and Poodles and she looked so cool strutting her funky stuff in NY. On me it looked like crap lol so back to Primarni it went lol

Finally this little cream number which I loved!!! So gutted because even with the slip it was soooo see through and I thought I would spend my life trying to find something to stop it doing that. (This one is still at home and v tempted to keep it though lol)

So that was my little shopping spree which was not as successful as I hoped. I am going on holiday soon and may do a little "Outfits of the Holiday" session if anyone is interested..... Let me know xxx