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Tuesday, 1 June 2010

Sleek makeup review

Well hello my lovelies I thought I would do a cheeky review on the fantastic Sleek range. I know many have you have had these products for a while and as always I am last to jump on the bandwagon but hey hoo better late than never right! I purchased these two little gems:

Mineral based eyeshadow palette - 578 Divine Storm
Dip-it - 266 Imperial purple eyeliner

I have to say I am super impressed and the quality of these products are fantastic, the colours in the palettes are so pigmented and are lovely and soft and go incredibly smoothly. I wore a couple of the colours for work and they stayed in tact all day. I have to mention the mahooosive mirror along with the packaging it just looks far more expensive than it actually was (which was about £5.99 - BARGIN). Next up was the eyeliner, this is a wicked purple shimmer colour and glides on smoothly. I am super impressed and can't wait to toddle off the Superdrug to add to my vast collection of make-up which I totally do not need!!!

You can purchase Sleek from either Superdrug or Sleeks own website:

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