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Monday, 14 June 2010

Models Own swatches and review

Evening little cupcakes

Well tonight is a little swatching session for the 3 new Models Own polishes I just purchase in the Lakeside branch of Boots. As some of you may or may know (or care lol) this range is one of my faves if not my fave as they have such a wicked range of colours to try.

Lakeside was the first branch that was close to me that I could get to so I was soooo excited. I actually took a photo of the stand and a crowd of people seemed to descend on me much to my embarrassment, my mate walked away lol!!! (It was a proper cringe moment as I tried to explain what I was up to and no one really knew what the hell I was on about lol)!!!

Well enough of my waffling here are the pics and reviews

First up the stand - I had to show this after the trouble i went to - it is preedddyyy lol

My 3 new purchases
Fuzzy Peach
Jade Stone
Purple Purple

Fuzzy Peach - I have wanted this forever and did this yesterday in a mega rush with a SV top coat. After I took this and it came straight off as was a shocking mani. I will be honest out of all the polishes I own by Models Own this was one of the hardest to get an even coverage. Even with 3 coats it was still slightly streaky and could have done with a 4th. However saying that I do love the colour and it will look fab when I actually get a tan (not much chance with this lovely English summer we are having though)!!!

Jade Stone - This is one of their recent additions to the MO collection. I literally did this about 15 mins ago for this post. Now this was more like it a nice even coverage with the standard 2 coats that I am used to. Not actually worn this yet but I do likey lots. Thinking I am going to do an Ice Cream swatch with some of my fave MO polishes.

Pure Purple - Ahhh this is the one I have chosen to wear as this is a bit of me. I am such a purple girlie and have tons of purples but I do like this. It is similar to Purple Rain but not as dark. I have not done a dark colour for a while now so this makes a nice change. Again this is a another new polish from their recent additions. This is 2 coats and went on lovely, I also added a SV top coat.

So their you have it. I think I now own a grand total of 27 Models Own polishes at the moment (wait that is slightly embarrassing right)!!! Oh well I know I will continue to keep adding to this silly amount of polishes that I really don't need but totally love hehe
If you want to see more Models Own swatches look in my labels list or if you want me to swatch any that I have not done yet please let me know. (Sorry my painting and swatches are not great but you get the general idea)
t xxxx
WOW just realised how much Purple Rain and Pure Purple alike. When I take this off I will do a proper comparison!


  1. I love these colours! I really want to get some of these nail varnishes but i'm always spoilt for choice when Im looking at the stand of them and can't pick one so I walk away without any :( I especially love the green one ! :)


  2. Alll thos colours are pretty :D Can you get models own in the UK? xxx

  3. OMG I love fuzzy peach....thats a shame it went on badly for you as for me it went on like a dream :/ I think it looks fab on you....who needs a pesky tan! :P

    Jade stone is so pretty on you :)

    Have you got Pink Sorbet and Beths Blue?

    M xo

  4. Love the colors!

  5. Morning ladies

    Nicola - you wont be disapointed. I think my fave in the collection is Lilac Dreams soo pretty and Boots are doing 3 for 2 at the moment. Also on their site they have mega offers and a discount code which you can use if you join their facebook group.

    Kim - oh yes a British brand I think. You can get them in some Boots, River Island or their website www.modelsownit.com which is FAB as they do loads of discounts.

    B&B - it may have been cos i was in a rush so fingers crossed for next time lol but thank you. I have Beths Blue that is so pretty but not Pink Sorbet. If you look at my other posts you can see ALL the colours I have (it has got slightly out of hand)

    CGBlogger - preedyy eh lol

    Thanks for you comments :o)

    t xx

  6. i have a giveaway in my blog come on see if you want :)