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Saturday, 12 June 2010

Another Shopping Haul!!

Evening Petals - well today I have the loveliest day shopping with one of my BFF at Lakeside. We were looking for bits and bobs for our cheeky week away to Spain in July. This is what I got.

I will start of with accessories.....

First up a little selection from Miss Selfridge. I have wanted a skull scarf for a while (I know they have been around for yonks and as normal I am the last person to get one lol)! so I was chuffed I got this. Plus all Diva jewellery had 25% off - fantastic.

Close up image of my feather earrings and bracelet, this is so pretty as it has lots of mirrors on it. I was so happy as I had seen the bracelet in TopShop with a selection of others that I was not that bothered about and found this in there and it was loads cheaper with the 25% off :o).

Really loved the butterfly scarf so had to have that along with the shades. Both of those were from Claires. I had bought this skull scarf first from Peacock, it was only £5 so will keep it lol.

These cute little pumps were from Primark along with the eyelashes. Loving all the neutral shades at the moment, again so did not need them but hey they were cute. Had to try the eyelashes at £1.50, will let you know what they are like as in will they stay put? or end up on my cheek in the kebab shop at the end of the night lol.

Huge chunky bangles were from H&M. I got the silver one for my white dress which is in my May haul with the embellished shoulders. May get another so it looks like it is part of the dress.

Now for the clothes...

I loveeeeeeeeee this top. This was from H&M. I am trying lots of new styles as I am girl that tends to purchase the same item in 10 colours lol so this was a new styleee for me and I likely lots (now I will buy this in 1o colours hehe).

I saw Millie on Pearls and Poodles in this (sorry I stalked your style again sweets) and she looked so cool. I forgot about it and saw it in H&M and it just kind of called to me so I had to have it. I am such an embellished shoulder gal and I blame Imogen from FoxyLocks for that. Both ladies always looks fab.

This is another H&M number and again I loveeeeeeeee this. Just such a cutie top. My hubby loved this one I wonder why!

Finally my Maxi dress. This is from Quiz clothing http://www.quizclothing.com/ and is the second and last to my collection (promise lol). I wanted a smarter one (again see May's haul) as the other one I have is more casual.

I was not sure at first as I thought do those little crystals make it look cheap and tacky so I wandered off thinking about it along with another dress which I still want haha. So I went back to the shop and tried on a smaller size and it felt really really nice, my mate who is very very honest said it looked really really lovely and special so this little baby came home with me...

Close up of the top which again does not do this dress any justice.

So there you have it. I also bought some Models Own nail polishes which I will post separately. Hope you like it all I know I could have bought so many things as their was so much out there that i needed oopps I meant wanted lol...

I was thinking of doing some OOTD (yes I will pop them on and show my ugly mug) If you want me to let me know.

Also to top of my fantastic day I won a blogger competition and I am soooo chuffed. It was from Laurens dressing room and you had to post you funniest holiday snap so check it out (and please excuse my horrendous belly, only just noticed that shocking lol)


Ta ta for now my little petals

t x


  1. Oooh i love the accessories especially the white dress wow it looks so good!

  2. I got that peacocks scarf yesterday :) I love it.

    What you said about the eyelash being on your cheek at the end of the night in the kebab shop made me giggle :D

    Lovely haul x

  3. Alll awesome buys. I love those pale pink pumps <3 gorge! Keep in touch, Kimberley xxx Kimbox

  4. Hey ladies

    Ahh thank you CGBlogger, so did not need it but it was v preeedyyy

    hehe Hannah that scarf was cool eh and a bargin then i bought another one lol!!!

    That has happend to me in a kebab shop i looked a right state lol. And even worse on my wedding day whilst saying my vowels cos I cried so much NICE! LOL

    Thank you Kim will do sweetie t xxxxx

  5. just stumbled upon your blog you have great taste! i bought the very same bangle today!

    Wander over to mine of you would like to see what miss jones has to say :) i'm now following you for future fashion goss : )

  6. Amazing haul lady!!!

    I especially love the skull scarfs! I want them now!!!!!!!!!!!! x


  7. That maxi dress is amazing! I love it :) & thos pumps are soo cute I'll have to get some of those :)


  8. Thank you ladies pleased you likey. It was a v successful shopping trip :o)xxx