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Sunday, 29 August 2010

My lovely Models Own haul

Evening sweetie pies

Hope everyone is enjoying the Bank Holiday weekend :o)

As probably everyone in the blogging world was aware that Models Own recently had a 50% off sale. At £5 per item that is amazing enough but with everything costing £2.50 well that was just an offer little ole me could not pass up. So of course I had to treat myself to a few more polishes and a couple of items of makeup....

So without further ado this is what I spent my hard earned pennies on:

LOOOOOKKKK preedyyy things

First up polishes - Left to Right
Foxy Fuchsia, Magenta Pearl, Peach Sherbet, Cherry Pie, Raspberry Crush, & Champagne

Blush - Cheeky Pink
Eyeshadow duo - Disco Diva

Just a quick swatch for you. I will do a proper swatches when I am wearing these lovelies

Sorry did the swatches all over the place as you probably realised. The blusher is in the middle

Well as always Models Own never fails to impress me.

Well as you can tell I truly love them. To date I own 33!!! yes that is a bit excessive. I honestly wished I had ordered more and am now gutted.
When I done my little wheel swatches they had 2 coats. I currently have on Raspberry Crush an it is super flattering and really pretty. I will say I always use my Seche Vite top coat as I would with any polish. This is one of my fave brands and definitely competes with other Big Boy brands such as OPI and Nails Inc.

If you want to see reviews of other colours check out my previous posts:

This was my first purchase of their eyeshadows an I was not disappointed. I love the very slight shimmery/glittery finish which is subtle to be able to wear to during the day. I will definitely be investing in some more in the future.

WOW - Well i have to say I am a Benefit kind of gal in the whole blusher world but this is fab. I thought it may be to light as even though I am a blondie lots of blushers don't tend to show on me for some reason but I was super impressed. It was a lovely texture and went on smoothly...

I can not rave enough about this brand. I am really looking forward to seeing what lovely new things they have in store for us in the future....

I heart Models Own

t xx

Sunday, 22 August 2010

My little Primark haul....

Hey guys

Hope everyone is having a nice weekend....

So I went to Primarni during the week and wanted to pick up some things for work and start preparing for the long days and nights of Autumn/Winter. I hate the change of seasons bring me summer every day :o( So of course I had to cheer myself up so this is what I bought:

I am loving bows at the moment and needed some cardis for work. This one was £11 which was pretty pricey for Primarni but still very cute and pretty nice quality

I am embellishment queen and have sooo many tops with embellished shoulders. I have started to see these little waistcoat kind of cardi things around so thought I would give it a go and add to my collection lol. This was £8

I LOVEEEEEEEEEE this cardi. I have already worn it and think it is fab. I think it was about £11 and I tried one on in River Island and it was like £40 and it was lovely. This is great for £11 though especially if you are on a budget. It also came in grey

I know these dresses have been around for a while but they are OK for work and bonus they were reduced to £5 from £9

Again this was £5

How cute is this belt and again think it was like £3 so what a bargain. Worn this to death already

Finally, I can't walk out of a shop without buying some form of bling. Well this little number was about £2.50 so it would have been rude not to!!!

Hope you enjoyed my little haul. Let me know if any good purchases you have made lately

t xxx

Monday, 16 August 2010

My new phone case for my IPhone 4

Evening lovely ladies

A short little post tonight but thought I must share this with you all as I was super excited as it is sooooo cuteeee.

I recently became the proud owner of the new IPhone 4. Well me being me really had to have a cute and girlie case. This became a little problem/mission as they don't seem to have that many on the market at the moment so I had to settle for this one:

There was a choice of a about 3 cases and I will say it def looks better in the pic. I got it from a local market stall for £10 and it lasted about a day before breaking along the sides. So in a word it was crap!

I had already ordered this one and I have to say I loooooveeee it. I purchased it from ebay and it was £11.50. I will honestly say you can really tell the difference it is super nice quality and where it is a kind of rubber will take a lot to break it (I am not going to try lol). I have seen these style cases on phone sites and I know they cost loads more. The only down side is they currently only do back covers and no fronts. She also included so very cute crystal stickers (if you want me to post a photo let me know)

This is the sellers shop http://stores.ebay.co.uk/PencyMaMa
Seller ID: chingfpc

I really want a Lux Addiction case or something similar (seen some lovely ones on ebay) but for now I am super happy with this but will def get one in the the future so watch this space....
t xxxx
(My 100 follower giveaway will be posted shortly ladies)

Thursday, 12 August 2010

OPI - Go Gosh Minis

Evening all

Well I decided to do a post on what I originally decided to start this blog about Nail Polish!!! Yes I know I am a nightmare and really should change the name as I don't seem to do that many nail polish posts because:

A. I am not that great at painting my nails (well not good like some of the other amazing blogs)
B. I really struggle to get decent pictures

So decided to cheat and do the nail wheel thing which I hope you don't mind.

Well I found this little set on ebay and it is soooo me. I really really love dark colours for autumn and winter so had to get these. You also get a little free lace cuff. On the back of the box there are a couple of nail art ideas which I thought was a nice touch.

Go Goth

Nail art ideas on back of the box

Free cuff

The colours include:

Shimmery/sparkly green - I don't think I own anything like this. It is an incredibly dark dark green polish with a hint of green sparkle.

Shimmery blurple which I have to say is in the same family type as Ink and Russian Navy.

Shimmery burgundy with a hint of sparkle.

All 3 of the above polishes have the same kind of shimmery texture with just a hint of glitter. All very nice coverage which you come to expect from OPI.

Matt black. This is my first matt polish and have not worn it yet so I am not sure if it wears well but it did swatch nicely.

So there you have it. One of the first new collections to cheer us up for and long winter months.

If you like these the ebay sellers name is enchantedbeautyspot. They worked about £10.50 to the UK including postage

t xx

Tuesday, 10 August 2010

Esty purchases

Hey everyone

I LOVE jewellery, I mean when I say I love it really love it. I am what you call a collector/hoarder of all pretty sparkly jewellery. Well you can imagine my delight when I saw other bloggers talking about http://www.etsy.com/. In case you have not heard of this, it is similar to ebay but there are lots totally different handmade items that you wont really find anywhere else.

I bought 3 items from 2 different sellers and was really impressed

The first seller was lizhutnick - wow so many pretty things but I decided on two rings. She also sent me a free hair clip which I thought was lovely. I will def use them again, everything was beautifully packaged. Actually I am off to buy some more bits now lol


Free hair clip

Extremely pretty ring with a drop AB crystal

Stunning large flower ring - this has ornate detail on the ring itself which you can't really see here

The second seller was morikaty again lovely products and super fast delivery. Will definitely use again.


Extremely pretty and delicate ring

I felt all these items were totally different from anything else I owned, lovely quality and super pretty, and very reasonably priced.

If you fancy checking out some of there items go to http://www.etsy.com/

t xx

Sunday, 1 August 2010

MAC Lipstick/Gloss review

Evening lovely ladies

Tonight I thought I would do a little review on a couple of MAC products I purchased in Gatwick Airport a few weeks ago.

If I am honest don't have many MAC products but I already use the Studio Fix Fluid foundation which is fab. I have had one of the blushers in the past which was lovely so thought I would try out some of the lip glosses/lipsticks they have on offer.

WOW the first thing I will say is talk about spoilt for choice, I was like a kid in a candy store and it could have been v v dangerous but I was good and only purchased 2 items.
First up.

Fabby Lipstick - Frost
I am a nude kinda gal in the lipstick department and never really venture beyond that. The tube had frost on it but I would not really put this in the frost category. This had a lovely creamy texture and had an average staying power and I used a liner which I always use. I will def be adding more of there lippies to my collection. As you can see it looks a little dark here but if you look at the swatch it is a lot pinker in real life.

Bare Necessity - Dazzleglass gloss
WOW how cool is this. I don't have anything like this in my collection and boy do I love it. I used it over my Fabby lippie with a liner and the end results was sooo pretty, with lots of teeny glitter particles. As for staying power again it was average but I would def buy again.

Left - Bare Necessity - Dazzleglass gloss
Right - Fabby Frost - Lipstick

I will def be purchasing some more MAC products and as I am off to Florida for my hols later in the year I will be compiling a rather HUGE wish list lol.

If anyone can recommend any other great MAC products I would love to hear from you. I am particularly interested in Studio Fix (I think that is what it is called and I think it is like a primer) as I am not sure what it is for.

What are your fave MAC products?

t xxx