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Sunday, 22 August 2010

My little Primark haul....

Hey guys

Hope everyone is having a nice weekend....

So I went to Primarni during the week and wanted to pick up some things for work and start preparing for the long days and nights of Autumn/Winter. I hate the change of seasons bring me summer every day :o( So of course I had to cheer myself up so this is what I bought:

I am loving bows at the moment and needed some cardis for work. This one was £11 which was pretty pricey for Primarni but still very cute and pretty nice quality

I am embellishment queen and have sooo many tops with embellished shoulders. I have started to see these little waistcoat kind of cardi things around so thought I would give it a go and add to my collection lol. This was £8

I LOVEEEEEEEEEE this cardi. I have already worn it and think it is fab. I think it was about £11 and I tried one on in River Island and it was like £40 and it was lovely. This is great for £11 though especially if you are on a budget. It also came in grey

I know these dresses have been around for a while but they are OK for work and bonus they were reduced to £5 from £9

Again this was £5

How cute is this belt and again think it was like £3 so what a bargain. Worn this to death already

Finally, I can't walk out of a shop without buying some form of bling. Well this little number was about £2.50 so it would have been rude not to!!!

Hope you enjoyed my little haul. Let me know if any good purchases you have made lately

t xxx


  1. Love it! You can't beat a good Primani bargain! =)

    Stephanie xx

  2. I love to see what bargains people get in primark, that bracelet is adorable i might be a copy cat and get one x

  3. ooh these are really nice! i had a friend who worked at the primark.. he didn't like it very much.. lol.. but I've heard they have nice deals.. to bad i'm in the us.. lol

  4. Hey ladies

    Yes got a few nice things in there lately. I find they all seem to stock different things. Hope you get your bracelet Nicoletta. Pretty that is such a shame you can't get them in the states. When my friend comes over from the US she needs a whole new suitecase lol xxxx

  5. Great purchases! I especially love the dresses. I love Primark and their prices!
    New follower here, sweety!

  6. Hey Catanya

    Ahhh thank you cupcake. Just joined your blog love you it. Just checking out your Gift Girls post - i am lovin that style of jewellery at the moment

    t xxx

  7. Wow I really like these !
    it suck that we don't have this store in Canada!

  8. Hey Missly

    Thank you. If you ever come to the UK make sure you check it out, you will need another suitecase lol

    t x

  9. Wow great buys!! You really have an eye for the bargains. Im off to Primark tomorrow now after reading your post x

  10. Thank you sweetie - lots of pretty things around again - let me know what you purchase :o) xxx