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Thursday, 12 August 2010

OPI - Go Gosh Minis

Evening all

Well I decided to do a post on what I originally decided to start this blog about Nail Polish!!! Yes I know I am a nightmare and really should change the name as I don't seem to do that many nail polish posts because:

A. I am not that great at painting my nails (well not good like some of the other amazing blogs)
B. I really struggle to get decent pictures

So decided to cheat and do the nail wheel thing which I hope you don't mind.

Well I found this little set on ebay and it is soooo me. I really really love dark colours for autumn and winter so had to get these. You also get a little free lace cuff. On the back of the box there are a couple of nail art ideas which I thought was a nice touch.

Go Goth

Nail art ideas on back of the box

Free cuff

The colours include:

Shimmery/sparkly green - I don't think I own anything like this. It is an incredibly dark dark green polish with a hint of green sparkle.

Shimmery blurple which I have to say is in the same family type as Ink and Russian Navy.

Shimmery burgundy with a hint of sparkle.

All 3 of the above polishes have the same kind of shimmery texture with just a hint of glitter. All very nice coverage which you come to expect from OPI.

Matt black. This is my first matt polish and have not worn it yet so I am not sure if it wears well but it did swatch nicely.

So there you have it. One of the first new collections to cheer us up for and long winter months.

If you like these the ebay sellers name is enchantedbeautyspot. They worked about £10.50 to the UK including postage

t xx


  1. Thanks hon, can see these will be used alot i the coming months x

  2. I love the look of Unripened, they are selling it in a big bottle, I may get it. Just to add to my collection!

  3. Oh my giddy Aunt...these colours are so amazing!! I especially love the fact that one of them is a matte colour! Oooh, so now I want this set!! I love OPI sets...so addictive! haha...especially when you find a good bargain on ebay!!!


  4. Hey Kat

    ahh thank you for being my 100 subscriber :o)

    MEEEE TOOOO i have lots of the OPI mini sets. I love them (see previous posts).

    Snowdrop - I have ntt seen the big bottles yet. R u purchasing? xx

  5. hey lovely i got your message about my lux addiction case the style i have is number 022 xx

  6. Thank you Krystle your phone case is fab xxx