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Monday, 30 May 2011

FoxyLocks review

Hi ladies

My hair is mega fine and has always been the bane of my life. I have had bonded extensions for about 2 years now and recently had to have them out for a few months to give my hair a break. 

I was really happy when they came out as my hair is in great condition but on the negative side I really miss the thickness and length and never felt nice when I went out as I love having tons of hair. So after seeing lots of reviews and YouTube videos from the lovely Imogen at FoxyLocks I decided to take the plunge purchased my set of FoxyLocks. 

Before purchasing I emailed Imogen and she advised me to order the 120grams in Honey Blonde #22 colour. As my hair is so fine it is was best for me to order the pack with less hair as they also come in 160grams packs for people with thick hair.

20" 10 piece set (Full head):
Two x 8" wide with 4 clips
Two x 6" wide with 3 clips
Two x 4" wide with 2 clips
Four x 2" wide with 1 clip

So here are some pics, sorry they are not proper before and after shots as the afters were taken on a night out...

Now this is the day my bonded extensions got taken out (hence the sad face hehe) but you can see the length and how fine my hair actually is, and yes hard to believe but this my natural hair in it's best condition because I do have rubbish hair :o(:

The clipins arrive straight but I curled them with my Yogi wand as you can use heated appliances on them which is fantastic.

My friend put this in for me as to be honest I struggle with the back as I am not good with things like that. There was so much hair that I did not use the whole pack and had about 3 pieces left.

I had clipins when I got married and in comparison these are honestly amazing. The clips were so strong and at no point did I think they would come out which embarrassingly has happened to me in the past in a pub (long story)! The hair feels so soft and silky and I was surprised at how well the curl lasted.

I showed my hairdresser these clipins and she said she had never seen ones that were such good quality and believe me she has used alot of clipins. She is even going to order them for her upcoming wedding.

So if you fancy a mini makeover with long luscious locks check out FoxyLocks at:

Also check out Imogen's videos the owner of FoxyLocks. She has amazing tutorials and hairstyles for you to copy:

Imogen was so lovely and helpful with any questions that I had and advised me on the correct colour by just me sending her a photo and I was shocked at how spot it was.

Every part of the service was fantastic from delivery to the packaging and of course the product.

So as you can see I am super impressed with these and they are perfect for adding a bit of glam for nights out or a nice long sophisticated look for the day.

t xx

Tuesday, 24 May 2011

April-May Haul Part 2 of 3

Evening ladies

Well as promised this is the next part of my stupidly large HAUL!!!

No clothes this time ladies just skincare/cosmetics and accessories. So without further ado here we go...

Whilst shopping I toddled off to the Chanel counter to get my free bracelet which came free with LOOK magazine. I thought they would all be gone so I was super happy that they still had them. Whilst picking this up I spoke to the lady on the Chanel counter about foundation as I am nearly out my MAC one so wanted to look around for something new. She was really nice and gave me a sample of the Le Teint foundation and sample of the new Chanel Chance (the green one sorry not got the name to hand). I have to say I loved the perfume and think I may purchase this at some point as it was lovely and fresh. Sadly did not feel the same about the foundation as I am a full coverage gal but this just did not do it for me as it felt more like a tinted moisturiser to me. Very pleased that I got to try this before I parted with £30ish... though.

Benefit b.right skincare - £10
I am not going to talk about this now as I am going to do a full review but all I will say for now is BARGAIN and BUY IT lol....

Ebay - £15 for both I think
I can't imagine for the price that these are real Betsey Johnson pieces but they are super cute and I have worn them loads. If you want the ebay seller please let me know 

Ebay - £6.99 I think
This is from the same seller as above. This is very similar to Nicole Ritchie's House of Harlow range but again, think it is a cheeky snide but definitely worth the money

Wallis - £10
I am currently on a mission to find some huge gold beads which are similar to the ones Rachel Zoe wears and these are closest ones I have found. If you know of any please let me know

I am sorry I can't remember how much this was but I love it. I really wanted a nice turquoise and gold ring and am very pleased with this one

River Island - £12 I think
I am on a bangle fad if you had not noticed (see below lol). I really love these and they are perfect for summer

H&M - £5.99 I think (sorry I am pants)
Again love these and thought they were a nice selection for the money. Nice to mix and match with the others I have got 

???? - £6 
Sorry this was a random costume jewellery shop in Bluewater which I can't remember the name of. Again a great selection of bangles for the money

H&M - £5.99
Thought these were wayyy cute for the summer. I love all the pretty ice cream colours and plus they are not noisy like all the others hehe

So there you have it, the second part of my haul.

Hope you likey

t xx

Have you tried Accessorize nail polishes??????

Hey ladies

Well I have been so naughty lately and been shopping and bought so much lately so got tons to show you. So I thought what better post to kick off my hauls with, than with a nail polish review.

I had never tried the Accessorize range before and seen them in their stores. Whilst at Bluewater I discovered a HUGE range in Superdrug. I purchased 3 of them and all of which are duo chrome shimmer/glittery style. They kind of remind me of a limited edition car paint and I have to say they are fantastic....

I need to apologise for the swatches as my nails were still wet as I was so excited as I wanted to try them on and show you. So without further ado here they are...

With flash

Without flash

Mermaid - this is a fantastic bluey/green colour and just so pretty. I did not have anything even remotely similar in my collection. Currently wearing this on my tootsies

Pink Spice - again I don't think I have anything similar to this. The picture above with the flash shows a far better representation, but it is just so pretty

Aztec - I do actually have something similar to this one, the MAC Mean & Green. Again lovely colour (sorry the swatch is so blurry) and far cheaper - Bonus!

A little tip is put a similar solid colour underneath and then you only need to use one coat as you would probably need about 3 coats to build a true colour to match the bottle. I also tried different colours underneath which gave different effects so lots to play with :o)

I feel like I have a new love of polishes with this range and they are such a bargain at £4 each regardless of the type. They range from creams, glitters, these special effects polishes, etc, etc. There are so many to choose from you will be totally spoilt for choice.

You will be seeing lots more of these polishes on this blog as they are the nicest range I have tried in a long time.

Check out their site for an idea of some of the colours along with some of their other cosmetics. They do have a much larger selection in Superdrug which will totally confuse you as their is so much choice you will want it all hehe
Accessorize beauty

t x

Sunday, 22 May 2011

April-May Haul Part 1 of 3

Hey ladies...

As I mentioned on twitter I have done lots of shopping lately, way more than I should do so I have a MASSIVE haul to show you. So much so I need to do this in 3 posts!!! (slight embarrassed)!!! My excuse "I am a summer baby and have had a few days off work so I went shopping lol".

So without further ado this is the first part....

ASOS - £12
This little French Connection top was in the sale - we like sales lol

ASOS - £25 I think
Love the back of this top as it goes up and the material is kind of silkish

ASOS - £30ish I think
This is the back of the top, it has like a bustle effect and very swishy floaty material

Matalan - £18
This is actually a playsuit even though it looks like a dress

H&M - £24.99
I loveee this jacked. I am such a blazer person and this one is really thin material which is perfect for summer

H&M - £14.99
This this is well expensive for H&M but it has a beaded detail on the back (this is the back) and hangs really nicely so think it is a staple that will be worn to death

H&M - £14.99
Love the sleeves on this chiffon style blouse as they are kind of a batwing. Def nice with jeans and a nude heel

H&M - Top and bottoms £3.99 each
Like the fact that you can get different sizes for top and bottoms and the top is sized by cup so even better

Primark - £3 each
Love wearing these under low arm tops so you don't see a boring bra

Primark - £8 I think
I have been wearing this for work as my work wardrobe is so drab. I have put a little vest top underneath though as it is chiffon and I don't think showing my bra off to my work colleagues is probably very appropriate lol

So there you have the first part of my haul. I will post the second part soon (hopefully tomorrow)

Hope you likey :o)

t xx

Saturday, 14 May 2011

My shoes have arrived :o)

Hey ladies (sorry for the delay in this post I tried to post this a couple of days and blogger was down)

When I got married 3 years ago I became slightly obsessed with a pair of Gina shoes. Unfortunately that was never going to happen as they were about £800, a little out of my budget!!! :o(

I could never get these shoes out of my head and over the 3 years I kept looking about for something similar that were affordable.

WELL I FOUND THEM!! It may be 3 years later but I finally got them. They arrived today whilst I was at work and as I opened them I suddenly became surrounded by about 10 women all oooing and arhhhhing which as a tad embarrassing. (I have to say I went a wee shade of pink lol).

and here they are....

As you can see they are definitely not for the shrinking violet and they are mega OTT. I think they are a marmite shoe, you either love them or hate them. Personally I love them.

If you want to check them out the company is called BOGINNI & CO and they have their own site but I got mine from ebay (see links below). They are custom made and took about 3 weeks for them to be made and sent out. They were still expensive at £129 but they were reduced from £159 so a small saving but definitely worth it. They are completely covered with AB Swarovski crystals. I am a UK size 5 and mine are a true fit. The heel height is approx 5 inches including the platform. They were beautifully packaged and have quite a large bag of spare crystals. I am so impressed along with all the woman at work and have my eye on the peep toe ones which are a new addition to the site (don't worry I will be good lol).

Unfortunately my pictures do not do them justice and you have to see them in person to appreciate how amazing they really are.

If you would like to check them out go to:

or ebay:
diamond_crystal_couture (I got mine here as they are a registered seller for Boginni)

So for all you Princesses out there that are looking for a little bit of sparkle these could be for you ....

t xxx