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Sunday, 22 May 2011

April-May Haul Part 1 of 3

Hey ladies...

As I mentioned on twitter I have done lots of shopping lately, way more than I should do so I have a MASSIVE haul to show you. So much so I need to do this in 3 posts!!! (slight embarrassed)!!! My excuse "I am a summer baby and have had a few days off work so I went shopping lol".

So without further ado this is the first part....

ASOS - £12
This little French Connection top was in the sale - we like sales lol

ASOS - £25 I think
Love the back of this top as it goes up and the material is kind of silkish

ASOS - £30ish I think
This is the back of the top, it has like a bustle effect and very swishy floaty material

Matalan - £18
This is actually a playsuit even though it looks like a dress

H&M - £24.99
I loveee this jacked. I am such a blazer person and this one is really thin material which is perfect for summer

H&M - £14.99
This this is well expensive for H&M but it has a beaded detail on the back (this is the back) and hangs really nicely so think it is a staple that will be worn to death

H&M - £14.99
Love the sleeves on this chiffon style blouse as they are kind of a batwing. Def nice with jeans and a nude heel

H&M - Top and bottoms £3.99 each
Like the fact that you can get different sizes for top and bottoms and the top is sized by cup so even better

Primark - £3 each
Love wearing these under low arm tops so you don't see a boring bra

Primark - £8 I think
I have been wearing this for work as my work wardrobe is so drab. I have put a little vest top underneath though as it is chiffon and I don't think showing my bra off to my work colleagues is probably very appropriate lol

So there you have the first part of my haul. I will post the second part soon (hopefully tomorrow)

Hope you likey :o)

t xx


  1. Love the H&M chiffon Blouse, looks good for the price too, nice find :)

  2. Lovely things youve been buying, i love the brightly coloured bra things from primark what a good idea xx

  3. Ah thanks ladies (sorry for the late response to this post blogger has been broke)...

    Let me know if you get anything

    t xx

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