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Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Have you tried Accessorize nail polishes??????

Hey ladies

Well I have been so naughty lately and been shopping and bought so much lately so got tons to show you. So I thought what better post to kick off my hauls with, than with a nail polish review.

I had never tried the Accessorize range before and seen them in their stores. Whilst at Bluewater I discovered a HUGE range in Superdrug. I purchased 3 of them and all of which are duo chrome shimmer/glittery style. They kind of remind me of a limited edition car paint and I have to say they are fantastic....

I need to apologise for the swatches as my nails were still wet as I was so excited as I wanted to try them on and show you. So without further ado here they are...

With flash

Without flash

Mermaid - this is a fantastic bluey/green colour and just so pretty. I did not have anything even remotely similar in my collection. Currently wearing this on my tootsies

Pink Spice - again I don't think I have anything similar to this. The picture above with the flash shows a far better representation, but it is just so pretty

Aztec - I do actually have something similar to this one, the MAC Mean & Green. Again lovely colour (sorry the swatch is so blurry) and far cheaper - Bonus!

A little tip is put a similar solid colour underneath and then you only need to use one coat as you would probably need about 3 coats to build a true colour to match the bottle. I also tried different colours underneath which gave different effects so lots to play with :o)

I feel like I have a new love of polishes with this range and they are such a bargain at £4 each regardless of the type. They range from creams, glitters, these special effects polishes, etc, etc. There are so many to choose from you will be totally spoilt for choice.

You will be seeing lots more of these polishes on this blog as they are the nicest range I have tried in a long time.

Check out their site for an idea of some of the colours along with some of their other cosmetics. They do have a much larger selection in Superdrug which will totally confuse you as their is so much choice you will want it all hehe
Accessorize beauty

t x


  1. These are gorgeous! I would to try them :)

  2. Hey hon sorry did not see your response as Blogger died!!! Def try them, think i could develop a slight addiction to them hehe xxx