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Friday, 29 April 2011

Barry M new Crackles review ....

Hey ladies

Happy Royal Wedding Day :o)
Hope you are all having a lovely day... I can't tear myself away from the TV lol

NEWay... back to my post......

As most of you know Crackles seems to be taking the beauty industry by storm and most of the large companies seem to be jumping on this bandwagon such as OPI, Nails Inc and Models Own to name but a few. Many of these companies started off with black and are now thankfully introducing a whole spectrum of pretty colours.

This is my 3rd crackle purchase and to be honest I bought black the first time and was really not my cup of tea as I thought it was a little harsh so was dubious about buying more. Well Barry M just launched 3 new colours, white, pink and blue so I decided to give them another go and bought 2 of them, blue and pink.

Colour 314
This is a fantastic summery pretty pink and completely changed the way I felt about crackles. This was done super quick (as you can see lol) over Models Own Misty Grey and came out really well.

Colour 315
Again I love this and again the same Misty Grey underneath and looks wicked and really cracks so well.

I have to say I am super impressed with these. I really did not like the black at all so was not in a tearing hurry to buy anymore. If you do get these I would say I would use a light colour underneath as I currently have the blue over a dark pink on my toes and it is not nearly as striking. I am thinking a silver or gold would look cool. I also made sure I added a top coat so it is nice and glossy.

This has totally changed my mind about the crackles and can't wait to see what colours come out in the near future. I picked these up at Superdrug and they were super cheap at £3.99 each. Definitely worth checking out.

t xx

Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Models Own - a couple of little swatches

Hey ladies

Just a couple of little swatches for you of a couple of the many Models Own polishes that I have at home...

Sterling Silver
I got this for Christmas in the Champange collection and to be honest was not a colour I would turn to as silver can scare me a bit whilst still loving it which is a total contradiction lol. However I have seen loads of people wearing silver and decided to give it a go and really liked it. These metallic's paint on so nicely and have great coverage. I also love this with a gold tip with the colour Champange from the same collection.

Misty Grey
Again had this ages and decided I was in a grey mood to match the weather :o( This is a lovely creamy grey (little lighter in real life) which is surprisingly flattering considering how pale I and the polish is lol.

For both of these I used a Leighton Denny base coat, 2 coats of Models Own polish and Seche Vite top coat.

To buy these polishes either go to there web site, ASOS or instore in Boots, River Island and they retail at £5 each BARGAIN :o)

t xx

Saturday, 23 April 2011

March - April haul

Hey ladies

As well as the 100 pairs of shoes I seemed to have purchased I bought a couple of little things over the last 2 months. I have mainly bought things from ebay as I don't tend to get much chance to go to actual shops. So without further ado this is what I got....

Lipsy dress - ebay £30
I have wanted this dress forever and it was sold out everywhere. After scouring ebay for a few weeks I finally managed to get my hands on it and it fits like a dream - love it

Lelia dress - £5 ebay
May mate bought this from ebay and she did not like it so I bought it from her for the same price, v cute for summer

ASOS dress - £30 ebay
I have also wanted this dress for ages and it was sold on ASOS for £150!!! Well again looked around ebay and lots of people had them for £60 but I managed to get it for £30 so was well chuffed. I will say this looks a totally different dress on as it looks a bit odd here lol

Primark - £8
Not done the cropped style top but had seen this about and looks really cute with a vest top underneath

Primark - £4
I don't think this looks Primarni at all. I also like this because it is not to short

Primark - £5 in the sale
I am loving all the pretty lace/vintage style tops and this was a bargain as it was reduced from £10

Debenhams - I am not sure of the price as I got this in the Bluecross sale this weekend but it was like £20ish I think with discount. I also got some really cool denim shorts which I am currently wearing that looks really nice together with gold bangles and flipflops. I am so not an orange girl but this just looked really nice on

Primark - £8
These are short! but I like the distressed look of them and the sort of thing I will prob wear to death!

H&M - £1.50 (I know bargain right)

 Primark - £2.50 I think - love this

H&M - £3 I think as it was in the sale

Primark - £2 again not 100% sure

H&M - Sorry again can't remember the price but I am sure they were like £4 for both. I like that you can wear them together or split them up

That was my little haul. I have a few other shorts and bits that I have bought but not got around to taking pics but will try and add these at some point.

Hope you likey

t xxx

Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Sally Hansen Hi-Definition - 16 Laser

Hey ladies

Just thought I would show you a little swatch of the lovely Sally Hansen nail polish that I picked up when I was in Florida last year. This is a WOW colour and definitely not for the faint hearted. I would not normally go for anything quiet this metallic but I love it.

I know this Hi-Definition polishes are pretty hard to come by in the UK so your best bet is probably ebay. Alternatively I know OPI do one which I think is called Magic and Nails Inc have just launched one called Cameden Lock which look really similar.

I already had a navy base on my nails and and popped 2 coats of this over the top but you could probably just paint it straight on. Think I may love this for toes.

So what do you think???

t x

Wednesday, 13 April 2011

My name is Tracy and I'm a shoeaholic!

Hey ladies

WOW it has been like a month since my last post and I am so sorry. Life has been manic as we are having lots of changes at work :o( and starting to attempt lots of DIY at home (let the divorce proceedings commence lol).

NEWAY back to my post. Well I am a lady like most of your that loves summer. Long light wam evenings, holidays and lots of pretty sandals all add to this great time of year. Well I have been shopping a couple of times and all I seem to come home with is shoes!!!! I LOVE sandals, I never buy many boots in the winter just enough to get me through, but the minute the sun appears I am in shoe heaven.

I bought 6 pairs (cringe yes 6) over the last month and I have seen so many more that I want!!!

So without further ado this is what I bought.....

First up wedges - I LOVE wedges and was really disappointed last year as they hardly had any nice ones in the shops. I have so many I like but these are the two pairs I picked up.

Linzi Shoes - £30
These are more dressy wedges so I think they could work well with some of my pretty dresses.

Matalan - £18
These were such a bargain and I wore them the other day and surprisingly comfy :o)

Sorry can't remember the name of the shop but it was in Lakeside (if anyone wants to know let me know and I will try and find the shop out for you). These were £30 I think and sooo sparkly, the pic does not do them justice.

These were either £20 each or 2 for £35 so I had to buy 2 pairs lol (see pink pair below). I have to say these are my total fave and have worn them loads hence the nasty feet marks. Again they were from Lakeside and a little stall that had loads of different pairs and I wanted them all.

See above

Primark - £5
A little change of pace. Clear jellies with crystals. I thought these were mega cute and sooo cheap. Funny I was looking at some similar ones in Aldo and they were mega expensive so I jumped on these as soon as I saw them.

So that is my little shoe haul. As you can see I definitely have a shoe problem and I can promise you this little collection will be lovingly added to over the summer :o)

t xxx