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Saturday, 23 April 2011

March - April haul

Hey ladies

As well as the 100 pairs of shoes I seemed to have purchased I bought a couple of little things over the last 2 months. I have mainly bought things from ebay as I don't tend to get much chance to go to actual shops. So without further ado this is what I got....

Lipsy dress - ebay £30
I have wanted this dress forever and it was sold out everywhere. After scouring ebay for a few weeks I finally managed to get my hands on it and it fits like a dream - love it

Lelia dress - £5 ebay
May mate bought this from ebay and she did not like it so I bought it from her for the same price, v cute for summer

ASOS dress - £30 ebay
I have also wanted this dress for ages and it was sold on ASOS for £150!!! Well again looked around ebay and lots of people had them for £60 but I managed to get it for £30 so was well chuffed. I will say this looks a totally different dress on as it looks a bit odd here lol

Primark - £8
Not done the cropped style top but had seen this about and looks really cute with a vest top underneath

Primark - £4
I don't think this looks Primarni at all. I also like this because it is not to short

Primark - £5 in the sale
I am loving all the pretty lace/vintage style tops and this was a bargain as it was reduced from £10

Debenhams - I am not sure of the price as I got this in the Bluecross sale this weekend but it was like £20ish I think with discount. I also got some really cool denim shorts which I am currently wearing that looks really nice together with gold bangles and flipflops. I am so not an orange girl but this just looked really nice on

Primark - £8
These are short! but I like the distressed look of them and the sort of thing I will prob wear to death!

H&M - £1.50 (I know bargain right)

 Primark - £2.50 I think - love this

H&M - £3 I think as it was in the sale

Primark - £2 again not 100% sure

H&M - Sorry again can't remember the price but I am sure they were like £4 for both. I like that you can wear them together or split them up

That was my little haul. I have a few other shorts and bits that I have bought but not got around to taking pics but will try and add these at some point.

Hope you likey

t xxx


  1. Gorgeous buys :-) x


  2. OMG OMG OMG!!
    lovely everthing <333


  3. Love that floral dress! The little daisy cuff from Primark will look cute with that :)

  4. You're ready for summer days with all the pretty dresses :)

  5. ahh thank you ladies. Yes totally loving summer and all that comes with it especially the clothes.

    Have you guys bought any goodies lately

    t xxx

  6. The ASOS dress is very unique, but very pretty as well :)

  7. Hi Jo

    Thanks and i will be honest it looks totally different on, looks a tad odd in my pics lol - if youw ant to see the promo pics from ASOS let me know

    t xxx