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Wednesday, 13 April 2011

My name is Tracy and I'm a shoeaholic!

Hey ladies

WOW it has been like a month since my last post and I am so sorry. Life has been manic as we are having lots of changes at work :o( and starting to attempt lots of DIY at home (let the divorce proceedings commence lol).

NEWAY back to my post. Well I am a lady like most of your that loves summer. Long light wam evenings, holidays and lots of pretty sandals all add to this great time of year. Well I have been shopping a couple of times and all I seem to come home with is shoes!!!! I LOVE sandals, I never buy many boots in the winter just enough to get me through, but the minute the sun appears I am in shoe heaven.

I bought 6 pairs (cringe yes 6) over the last month and I have seen so many more that I want!!!

So without further ado this is what I bought.....

First up wedges - I LOVE wedges and was really disappointed last year as they hardly had any nice ones in the shops. I have so many I like but these are the two pairs I picked up.

Linzi Shoes - £30
These are more dressy wedges so I think they could work well with some of my pretty dresses.

Matalan - £18
These were such a bargain and I wore them the other day and surprisingly comfy :o)

Sorry can't remember the name of the shop but it was in Lakeside (if anyone wants to know let me know and I will try and find the shop out for you). These were £30 I think and sooo sparkly, the pic does not do them justice.

These were either £20 each or 2 for £35 so I had to buy 2 pairs lol (see pink pair below). I have to say these are my total fave and have worn them loads hence the nasty feet marks. Again they were from Lakeside and a little stall that had loads of different pairs and I wanted them all.

See above

Primark - £5
A little change of pace. Clear jellies with crystals. I thought these were mega cute and sooo cheap. Funny I was looking at some similar ones in Aldo and they were mega expensive so I jumped on these as soon as I saw them.

So that is my little shoe haul. As you can see I definitely have a shoe problem and I can promise you this little collection will be lovingly added to over the summer :o)

t xxx

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