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Sunday, 20 March 2011

Do you have a mare with eyelashes then read on....

Hey ladies

I just had to show you one of the cool little things I found lately when I went to the beauty exhibition a couple of weeks ago. It is Pro Impressions Eyelash Applicator.

Now I am one of the people that becomes all fingers and thumbs when it comes to applying eyelashes but I found these beauties and that has now changed everything. Basically they just hold the eyelashes in place whilst you apply the adhesive and then pop them on your eyelids. Simple.....

You can buy them from:

I have not shopped on this site but they look like they have loads of cool things :o)

I could not believe how easy these were to use. So if you are someone like me that struggles with this try them out....

t x


  1. this is so neat! I wish I had discovered this long time ago when i was struggling lol

  2. I've been eyeing up eyelash applicators on eBay for a while on but wasn't too sure what they'd be like to use. Will be giving one a go now. Thanks.x

  3. Hey Rinz I am still struggling hehe but these were a little godsend.

    Hope they help 10things let me know ifyou get any

    t xxx

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