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Thursday, 30 December 2010

Models Own Champagne Collection

Hey guys

Merry Christmas, sorry I know that is a tad late but hope you are having a fantastic holiday.

Now I was going to continue with my mini haul series but I had sooo many polishes to show you, so I thought I would do that first as I wanted to get them all put away in there proper homes :o) I will continue the haul soon promise lol...

So as some of you know I LOVE Models Own. I think the quality, price and range of the products is fantastic. I will be honest I am not a shimmer type girl for the nails but with this being such great value I thought I would ask Santa for this set so I could try it without it costing a fortune.

So without further ado here are the swatches. Again they are a bit pants as they are mega rushed as I have some many posts to do.

This set was bought from the Models Own website. These collections are currently £20 for 6 polishes. Bargain. They normal retail at £5 a polish so you do the math.....

My set - nicely boxed :o)


I love this polish. This without a doubt is my favourite and I have been wearing this one alot. Even though the festive season is about to leave us I personally feel every girl needs a gold in her collection.

Sterling Silver
This is my next fave in the collection. It is really pretty and sparkly. Me likey (swatch is horrible though sorry).

Green Flash
This for me is a bit of mental colour. I am not really a green girl but this is pretty. I don't have anything like this in my collection so I really wanted to try it. I think this would look nice combined with some of the others for a funky french.

Blue Moon
This is preedyyyyy, again these light shimmers are a total different look for me but I do like it.

Mystic Mauve
I likey this one, sorry the pic is really rubbish and it does not do it justice. I think you could make this work really nicely with the Blue Moon.

Lili's Pink
Last but not least we have a pink and to be honest this is sooo not me. I am a real pinky girl but I like strong vibrant pinks and this one is so not my taste. To be fair it looked better on than in the bottle but definitely my least favourite.

So there you have it. I think these sets are wicked and there are 5 to choose from. I would have asked for more sets but I have so many of these colours already. The coverage and wearability of Models Own is great especially at such a low price. I change my polish every few days but I rarely get chipping before that but I do use a base/top coat and two coats of polish.

As well as the website you can buy Models Own from selected Boots and River Island stores and I have found that River Island sometimes have the new colours before the website.

I can't wait to find out what Models Own have in store for 2011.


t xx

Friday, 17 December 2010

Liz Earle blogger event and review

Hey ladies

I was extremely lucky enough to be invited to The Liz Earle Christmas wreath making workshop at their flagship store in London. With only 8 people invited to each event I really chuffed to be one of them.

Look at the pretty shop

The Spa
The store has a couple of lovely spa rooms which is definitely somewhere I will be visiting:

Lots of pretty products:

I was very nervous as this was my first event but I should not have worried as everyone was so lovely. During the course of the evening we were given lovely mulled wine and mini mince pies.

The lovely ladies:
Andrea Kengelbacher (LE), Katherine (Blog Natural Beautee), Jennifer Hirsch (LE Botanical Research Manager), Meeee, Cristina Garcia-Vince (LE Learning and Development Advisor),
Louise Murray (LE)

Me with Jennifer

Me and Christina

The event was to launch a new product to the range and one I was especially excited about as it is something I mentioned in my last review that I would like to see added to the collection. I like to think they made it all for meeeeee lol (not really).

Drum roll please - It was the Liz Earle Energising Body Lotion.

As a hardcore fan of the whole range I was not disappointed. The lotion is from my favourite collection the ENERGISING range so if you love the whole fresh spa scent you will not be disappointed.

I am really funny about body lotions as I find lots of them make me feel clammy and sticky which is is never nice and butters can be to thick. I have very dry skin and really want the nice dewy look so I feel like I spend my life trying to find the perfect moisturiser.

WOW I think I have found it. I seriously love this product. After using the moisturiser just once I could see a difference straight away. Especially when I used the Energising body scrub and body wash. You can smell the wonderful fresh aromas of Damask rose, flower water and sweet orange all over the house.

I would say there is only one downside!!!! If you have a partner they will STEEL all of it so hide it lol!!! I have to say it is really starting to annoy me that hubby loves it so much as it is very much a unisex scent so he takes it upon himself to use my nice smelly products!! The only good thing is he can't deny it as you can smell it as it lingers on your skin and all over the house which is lovely. I think he needs to buy his own don't you!!! lol

The lotion is not out for sale until 28 December but go check it out as it is now in my essentials list. You can purchase Liz Earle products from a number of different locations:

All Liz Earle stores
All John Lewis branches
(The actual site has an offer of a free gift at the moment when you spend over £80 or if you recommend a friend if you are a returning customer you also get a freebie - WICKED)

I was also very excited as I was given a goodie bag which contained:
Energising body lotion (NEW)
Energising body wash
Energising body scrub
Body brush
Note pad

My goodies and wreath

I was also sent through their first perfume in the range to review

Liz Earle Botanical Essence eau de parfum No 1

Firstly I love the packing, the bottle is very classy but simple all at the same time. I have to say it is not a scent that I would generally choose as I tend to wear men's aftershave such as Abercrombie and Hollister. It is very fresh and nice for every day but I would personally say it is nicer for someone older. I let some peeps in the office have a smell and funnily men seemed to like it more which is interesting. So if you are trying to reel in a man this one could be for you lol....

So ladies sorry for such a LOONNNGGG post but if you are looking for a fresh new range to try definitely check it out. I will continue to use Liz's products and can't wait to try even more products from the range.

Finally I would like to say thank you to all the ladies from the event for inviting me and all my goodies but mostly for being so warm and welcoming.

t xxxx

Flagship store address: 38-39 Duke of York Square,Kings Road, Chelsea, London SW3 4lY

Thursday, 9 December 2010

My new baby

Evening ladies

I have interrupted my haul for a quickie post on my new toy. Meet Beano the Bug.....

We picked him up last night and he so preeddyyyy. Can't wait to get the roof down, bring on the summer ;o)

t x

Saturday, 4 December 2010

October/November haul - Part 2 of 3 (Accessories)

Evening ladies

Hope you are all staying toasty and warm in all this nasty snow!

So this is the second part of my haul and this time it is accessories. This includes jewellery, bags, shoes and general bits and bobs.


Bracelet - Next and it was about £8

Pearl/AB ring - Ebay - I loveeeeeeeee this ring. I saw this on Carly Christman YouTube channel and had to have it so I went on a mission and found it. Cost me £15 and I wear it nearly every day. Definitely a current fave at the moment

Gold leaf ring - Charlotte Ruse in (Florida) - think this was like $4

Bead ring - Charlotte Ruse (Florida) - Think this was about $6

General accessories

Purse - Sephora Harajuku Lovers (Florida) - Think this was about $30. I LOVEEEEEEEEEEEEEE this purse it is soo cute and has so many places to put things in. I know it is childish but I think it is fab

Bag - Peacock. This was £8 what a BARGAIN - Love the cool bow and the squishy material
Bag charm - Primark and it was like £2.50 again super bargain and makes the bag a bit more unique

Scarf - Ebay, I saw Kate from Dolly BowBow on you tube with this scarf and once again went on a mission and found it (such a style stalker lol) Was about £10 I think
Sequin Clip - H&M my hat already had a bow on it but it had got a bit crushed from last year so I found this hair slide which was £3.99 and it goes on perfectly. Plus I can always wear it in my hair afterwards

Boots - Primark - £18. I have worn these to death. They go with everything. Love em and for £18 you can't go wrong

So there you have it. The second part of this mini series. Accessories are definitely my thing. Actually it is all my thing hehe. I love getting all little bits and bobs to make your outfit funky.
So until next time take care sweeties
t xxx

Wednesday, 1 December 2010

October/November haul - Post 1 of 3 (Clothes)

Evening ladies

I am finally back!! After my holiday and all the up's and downs with Bam Bam, I am hopefully back to my regular posting...

So without waffling on, here are some things that I have purchased over the last couple of months. I will do 2 more posts over the next few days featuring accessories and cosmetics as there is so much!!!!

Today we focus on clothes

Dressy clothes

River Island embellished top - £39.99 (I think)
Very sheer so it needs a nude bra. Also comes with a chain belt

Warehouse silk top - £50 with a 20% discount code
This is soooo pretty and has a really nice pleated back detail to it

Forever 21 USA - £12 can you believe this
This is one of those tops that look fab on and a bit pants on the hanger as it is an off the shoulder styleee. I heard a rumour that Forever 21 are starting to open in the UK - ooo I can't wait

H&M - £10 (I think and it has the tag on it and I am to lazy to check lol).
Again this looks like a huge baggy nothing on the hanger but looks really cool with leather trousers, it is like a dull silk look

H&M - £12 (again not sure and I should get off my big butt and go and check lol)
This is long enough to wear as a dress with thick tights. Alternatively looks just as good as a top. Love the lace detail which I hope you can see. This is mega creased sorry, I will iron it before it is worn promise! lol

Vibe - £49.99
I loveeeeeeeee this jacket, been looking for a furry one for ages. I got it from a shop in Bluewater called Vibe. It was up for £60 but they said they had £10 off. RESULT. It is sooo warm but the only downside is the 3/4 length arms. Why do they do that it is WINTER!

H&M - £22
I bought this in Florida but they do them here but pretty sure they sold out. I love this little poncho and had so many comments on it

Casual clothes

All these bits and bobs are from the US. So I am not sure of prices sorry

Victoria Secret PINK range
I do love a fleece. This one is all snuggly and warm. It also has the PINK logo on the back

Victoria Secret PINK range
Another fleece from the PINK range ooooo so cosy

I love Hollister and A&F. This is just a lightweight top. You can get both in the UK now but they are alot more expensive than the US

I have wanted a fleece checked shirt for ages and what better place to get one. Again I am sure you can get these in the UK

... and there you have it. All the clothes I have bought over the last 2 months. I want to start doing OTD but again not got around to it and normally in a rush. Even considering doing a YouTube post but a bit scared lol

Hope you likey :o)

Next up accessories and jewellery......

Keep warm

t xxx

Sunday, 21 November 2010

R.I.P Mr Bam Bam

Evening ladies

Just a little post to apologise for not posting for nearly a month and to share so very sad news with you all.

My lovely little man

As some of you know I have been on holiday to Florida and got back last weekend. After all the unpacking and getting in the normal daily rut I had not had any time for any new posts.

After being back for a couple of days one of my beautiful kitties Bam Bam fell sick. We took him to the vets on Wednesday and he was kept in as they thought it was an infection or worse a tumour. On the Friday he started improving and we went to see him as they thought it was asthma and told he would be taken out of the oxygen tank he was in and that he may be able to come home on either the Sunday or the Monday. As you can imagine was was ecstatic.

This excitement was very short lived as within a few hours my poor little man became even more sick than we thought. We got a phone at 1am that same night to say he was really struggling to breath and they thought he should be put to sleep.

We had to be there so rushed straight down to the vets to hold him and say goodbye :o(

Hubby and I are completely and utterly devastated even though we know it was the for the best. He was only 9 years old and been through so much in his short little life. He had his leg broken when he was a kitten and some b......d shot his eye out with an airgun yes it never ceases to amaze me how evil some people are! He had ear troubles but always the happiest little cat in the world and loved everyone.

I am very sorry this is such a depressing post but it helps me to write this down and I wanted to share with you guys why I have been absent for so long. I also wanted to show you what a pretty little man he was.

I will resume with my normal posting shortly but need to take a little while to deal with the loss of my little baby.

Love and hugs

t xx

Here is a couple of cheeky snaps for you:

Being nosey

Taking up all the sofa

Looking very fat but honestly that is just the pic!

Wednesday, 27 October 2010

Off to see the mouse...

Hey ladies

Just a quickie postie to say I won't be around for a couple of weeks as my long awaited holiday has finally arrived :o)

I am off to sunny Florida. Where I shall be trouping around the theme parks, eating lots and lots, chillin on the beach and of course lots and lots of shopping hehe....

After a very stressful day of getting organised I am finally winding down and wanted to say a little bye bye before I head off.

So until my return night night ladies - I'll be back lol

t xxx

Sunday, 24 October 2010

Free Ciate polish .....

Hi guys

Just a quickie post in case you have not seen it yet.

The November issue of UK Marie Claire are giving away Ciate nail polishes worth £9 each. The magazine is £3.50 so what a fab bargain.

There are 2 to choose from:

Dangerous Affair
This is the one I got. It looks like a burgundy in the picture and bottle but it is more of a deep dark sexy red when you paint it on.

Think I may have to toddle down to the newsagents to purchase this one as well. This is a WOW I have arrived colour. A total bright reddy/orange but not sure what it is like on the nail.

Sorry I have not done a proper post with swatches. I left the magazine at work and
Just tried it but could not get any decent pictures of it because:
A. The light is bad
B. My camera does not want to be nice tonight and
C. I am pants with a camera!!!

From first experience I really liked this polish, again not sure of staying power as I have just painted it on my nails. From what I can tell a fab freebie and how cute are the bottles.

If you would like to purchase any Ciate polishes check out there web site here:
and if you enter code CIATEMC you will receive 15% off. I have my little eyes on the Twilight set lol

t xxx

Monday, 18 October 2010

Mini beauty haul

Hey lovely ladies

Hope you are all well.

So on my travels I bought a couple of random beauty products so thought I share with you what I got....

Rimmel Lash Accelerator
Jergens Naturals Ultra Hydrating Moisturiser
Collection 2000 Waterproof Fast Stroke eyeliner
Models Own Car Key Collection - Purple Ash
MAC Venomous Villains Maleficent collection nail polish - Mean and Green
MAC Venomous Villains Maleficent collection mineral eyeshadow - She who dares

Rimmel Lash Accelerator - £6
I picked this up because I had read some reviews on this as it is supposed to help your lashes grow. As someone that has tiny stumps for lashes I was willing to give anything a try. I currently use the brand Talika (if you want to know more about this please let me know). To be honest I found this a bit hard to apply as my lashes are so short but a cotton bud came in handy!!! However I do think I have started to notice a difference. When I curl my lashes I can now see them in the curler so they have definitely got longer. I would say for £6 it is worth a try.

Jergens Naturals Ultra Hydrating Moisturiser - about £3 currently on offer at Tesco
Firstly what a bargain. I am super impressed with this moisturiser. I moisturise my skin every time I get out of the shower as I do suffer from really dry skin and find lots of other brands really greasy and thick. This went on smoothly and sunk in straight away. This is a definite repurchase especially when the budget is a bit tight and looking forward to trying the others in the range.

Collection 2000 Waterproof Fast Stroke eyeliner - £3.99 (ish)
I have tried many liners in my time but my ultimate favourite is the original Fast Stroke eyeliner. I use it every day and would not be without it. So I was super excited when I saw they did a waterproof one as again like all my other problems of short lashes and dry skin I have a nightmare with eye products running, so I had to try this (as you can see I am a complete nightmare lol). Well all I can say is what a disappointment!! It does not go on nice and dark like the original and by the end of the day just flaked off. I generally cry alot when I laugh (yes very attractive) so that was a good test but as if by magic it had disappeared from my eyes!! My opinion just go with the original it has far more staying power and well worth the money.

Models Own Car Key Collection - Purple Ash - £5
I loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee this polish. The consistency, the colour everything. Not gonna harp on about how great it is as you all know I think MO polishes are fab. So here is a very rushed swatch:

MAC Venomous Villains Maleficent collection nail polish - Mean and Green - £8
I have to say I was intrigued by this polish as I am not really one for shimmers/duo chromes. WOW I have totally changed my opinion as I love this polish. This is my first MAC polish and definitely the start of a love affair and I can see my collection growing. I did use the MO Purple Ash as a base as I have heard that this polish would need about 4 coats to get an even coverage and I have to agree, so definitely good to use a dark base.

MAC Venomous Villains Maleficent collection - mineral eyeshadow - She who dares - £18
Preedyyyyyyy - I am off to the U.S on my holidays next week and was going to wait to buy this but I was having a browse at the MAC counter and I just could not wait. It is stunning and love the fact you it has so many colours that you can go as dark as you want and if you add water you can make them into a liner which I have not tried yet. The colour lasted all night and did not end up all over my face. Again not tried MAC eyeshadows before but will definitely be adding more to my collection.

So there you have it,my little haul Let me know what you think and if you have any products you love and could not be without as I am always looking to try new things :o)
t xxx