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Wednesday, 1 December 2010

October/November haul - Post 1 of 3 (Clothes)

Evening ladies

I am finally back!! After my holiday and all the up's and downs with Bam Bam, I am hopefully back to my regular posting...

So without waffling on, here are some things that I have purchased over the last couple of months. I will do 2 more posts over the next few days featuring accessories and cosmetics as there is so much!!!!

Today we focus on clothes

Dressy clothes

River Island embellished top - £39.99 (I think)
Very sheer so it needs a nude bra. Also comes with a chain belt

Warehouse silk top - £50 with a 20% discount code
This is soooo pretty and has a really nice pleated back detail to it

Forever 21 USA - £12 can you believe this
This is one of those tops that look fab on and a bit pants on the hanger as it is an off the shoulder styleee. I heard a rumour that Forever 21 are starting to open in the UK - ooo I can't wait

H&M - £10 (I think and it has the tag on it and I am to lazy to check lol).
Again this looks like a huge baggy nothing on the hanger but looks really cool with leather trousers, it is like a dull silk look

H&M - £12 (again not sure and I should get off my big butt and go and check lol)
This is long enough to wear as a dress with thick tights. Alternatively looks just as good as a top. Love the lace detail which I hope you can see. This is mega creased sorry, I will iron it before it is worn promise! lol

Vibe - £49.99
I loveeeeeeeee this jacket, been looking for a furry one for ages. I got it from a shop in Bluewater called Vibe. It was up for £60 but they said they had £10 off. RESULT. It is sooo warm but the only downside is the 3/4 length arms. Why do they do that it is WINTER!

H&M - £22
I bought this in Florida but they do them here but pretty sure they sold out. I love this little poncho and had so many comments on it

Casual clothes

All these bits and bobs are from the US. So I am not sure of prices sorry

Victoria Secret PINK range
I do love a fleece. This one is all snuggly and warm. It also has the PINK logo on the back

Victoria Secret PINK range
Another fleece from the PINK range ooooo so cosy

I love Hollister and A&F. This is just a lightweight top. You can get both in the UK now but they are alot more expensive than the US

I have wanted a fleece checked shirt for ages and what better place to get one. Again I am sure you can get these in the UK

... and there you have it. All the clothes I have bought over the last 2 months. I want to start doing OTD but again not got around to it and normally in a rush. Even considering doing a YouTube post but a bit scared lol

Hope you likey :o)

Next up accessories and jewellery......

Keep warm

t xxx


  1. I really liked the second shirt, really girly!!

    There's a giveaway in my blog, why don't you come and join it? If you decide to do so, good luck!! :)


  2. Thanks ladies - need some nice warm clothes now

    t x