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Friday, 17 December 2010

Liz Earle blogger event and review

Hey ladies

I was extremely lucky enough to be invited to The Liz Earle Christmas wreath making workshop at their flagship store in London. With only 8 people invited to each event I really chuffed to be one of them.

Look at the pretty shop

The Spa
The store has a couple of lovely spa rooms which is definitely somewhere I will be visiting:

Lots of pretty products:

I was very nervous as this was my first event but I should not have worried as everyone was so lovely. During the course of the evening we were given lovely mulled wine and mini mince pies.

The lovely ladies:
Andrea Kengelbacher (LE), Katherine (Blog Natural Beautee), Jennifer Hirsch (LE Botanical Research Manager), Meeee, Cristina Garcia-Vince (LE Learning and Development Advisor),
Louise Murray (LE)

Me with Jennifer

Me and Christina

The event was to launch a new product to the range and one I was especially excited about as it is something I mentioned in my last review that I would like to see added to the collection. I like to think they made it all for meeeeee lol (not really).

Drum roll please - It was the Liz Earle Energising Body Lotion.

As a hardcore fan of the whole range I was not disappointed. The lotion is from my favourite collection the ENERGISING range so if you love the whole fresh spa scent you will not be disappointed.

I am really funny about body lotions as I find lots of them make me feel clammy and sticky which is is never nice and butters can be to thick. I have very dry skin and really want the nice dewy look so I feel like I spend my life trying to find the perfect moisturiser.

WOW I think I have found it. I seriously love this product. After using the moisturiser just once I could see a difference straight away. Especially when I used the Energising body scrub and body wash. You can smell the wonderful fresh aromas of Damask rose, flower water and sweet orange all over the house.

I would say there is only one downside!!!! If you have a partner they will STEEL all of it so hide it lol!!! I have to say it is really starting to annoy me that hubby loves it so much as it is very much a unisex scent so he takes it upon himself to use my nice smelly products!! The only good thing is he can't deny it as you can smell it as it lingers on your skin and all over the house which is lovely. I think he needs to buy his own don't you!!! lol

The lotion is not out for sale until 28 December but go check it out as it is now in my essentials list. You can purchase Liz Earle products from a number of different locations:

All Liz Earle stores
All John Lewis branches
(The actual site has an offer of a free gift at the moment when you spend over £80 or if you recommend a friend if you are a returning customer you also get a freebie - WICKED)

I was also very excited as I was given a goodie bag which contained:
Energising body lotion (NEW)
Energising body wash
Energising body scrub
Body brush
Note pad

My goodies and wreath

I was also sent through their first perfume in the range to review

Liz Earle Botanical Essence eau de parfum No 1

Firstly I love the packing, the bottle is very classy but simple all at the same time. I have to say it is not a scent that I would generally choose as I tend to wear men's aftershave such as Abercrombie and Hollister. It is very fresh and nice for every day but I would personally say it is nicer for someone older. I let some peeps in the office have a smell and funnily men seemed to like it more which is interesting. So if you are trying to reel in a man this one could be for you lol....

So ladies sorry for such a LOONNNGGG post but if you are looking for a fresh new range to try definitely check it out. I will continue to use Liz's products and can't wait to try even more products from the range.

Finally I would like to say thank you to all the ladies from the event for inviting me and all my goodies but mostly for being so warm and welcoming.

t xxxx

Flagship store address: 38-39 Duke of York Square,Kings Road, Chelsea, London SW3 4lY


  1. What a great time. I was invited to one Liz Earle event but live in Canada...lol. Andrea is so sweet though. I am so in love with their hot cloth polish and skin tonic toner. My face has never been better. Such a great range.

  2. Hey honey ahh thats a shame could you not of just jumped on a plane hehe!!! Andrea is so lovely and helpful. Have you tried the body range yet? If not try and give it a go as everything I have tried has been lovely xxx

  3. oh i love liz earle - use it everyday - sounds like a great event x

  4. Another Liz Earle fan then hehe.

    It is a range that once you try it you want to try it all (any excuse eh lol)

    t x