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Saturday, 4 December 2010

October/November haul - Part 2 of 3 (Accessories)

Evening ladies

Hope you are all staying toasty and warm in all this nasty snow!

So this is the second part of my haul and this time it is accessories. This includes jewellery, bags, shoes and general bits and bobs.


Bracelet - Next and it was about £8

Pearl/AB ring - Ebay - I loveeeeeeeee this ring. I saw this on Carly Christman YouTube channel and had to have it so I went on a mission and found it. Cost me £15 and I wear it nearly every day. Definitely a current fave at the moment

Gold leaf ring - Charlotte Ruse in (Florida) - think this was like $4

Bead ring - Charlotte Ruse (Florida) - Think this was about $6

General accessories

Purse - Sephora Harajuku Lovers (Florida) - Think this was about $30. I LOVEEEEEEEEEEEEEE this purse it is soo cute and has so many places to put things in. I know it is childish but I think it is fab

Bag - Peacock. This was £8 what a BARGAIN - Love the cool bow and the squishy material
Bag charm - Primark and it was like £2.50 again super bargain and makes the bag a bit more unique

Scarf - Ebay, I saw Kate from Dolly BowBow on you tube with this scarf and once again went on a mission and found it (such a style stalker lol) Was about £10 I think
Sequin Clip - H&M my hat already had a bow on it but it had got a bit crushed from last year so I found this hair slide which was £3.99 and it goes on perfectly. Plus I can always wear it in my hair afterwards

Boots - Primark - £18. I have worn these to death. They go with everything. Love em and for £18 you can't go wrong

So there you have it. The second part of this mini series. Accessories are definitely my thing. Actually it is all my thing hehe. I love getting all little bits and bobs to make your outfit funky.
So until next time take care sweeties
t xxx


  1. WOW! Love all of it hun great taste!

    I love the horse print scarf, did they have any more do you know? I would love this :) been on a hunt for a skull scarf for ages but now I fancy this! x

  2. i saw that scarf and loved it to!!.. xx

  3. Hey ladies

    This is the seller that i got my scarf from. They have a couple of giraffe ones left (not a horsey lol i think everyone made that mistake including me hehe)


    Sherrie there are loads of skull ones on ebay i have just ordered another couple which i will post loving scarfs at the moment(if you want the sellers let me know). Miss Selfridge also do them which is in one of my prevous hauls

    Hope that helps

    t x

  4. LOVE the flower ring and the boots! =)

    Stephanie xx

  5. Thanks hunnie! I popped into H&M the weekend and picked up a few bits after reading your post it got me inspired please pop over and see the beautiful scarf I got and I also mentioned your blog :) x

  6. Love the boot's! Must check them out next time i'm in primark (:

    By the way, i gave you a blog award; shensbeauty.blogspot.com xx