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Thursday, 30 December 2010

Models Own Champagne Collection

Hey guys

Merry Christmas, sorry I know that is a tad late but hope you are having a fantastic holiday.

Now I was going to continue with my mini haul series but I had sooo many polishes to show you, so I thought I would do that first as I wanted to get them all put away in there proper homes :o) I will continue the haul soon promise lol...

So as some of you know I LOVE Models Own. I think the quality, price and range of the products is fantastic. I will be honest I am not a shimmer type girl for the nails but with this being such great value I thought I would ask Santa for this set so I could try it without it costing a fortune.

So without further ado here are the swatches. Again they are a bit pants as they are mega rushed as I have some many posts to do.

This set was bought from the Models Own website. These collections are currently £20 for 6 polishes. Bargain. They normal retail at £5 a polish so you do the math.....

My set - nicely boxed :o)


I love this polish. This without a doubt is my favourite and I have been wearing this one alot. Even though the festive season is about to leave us I personally feel every girl needs a gold in her collection.

Sterling Silver
This is my next fave in the collection. It is really pretty and sparkly. Me likey (swatch is horrible though sorry).

Green Flash
This for me is a bit of mental colour. I am not really a green girl but this is pretty. I don't have anything like this in my collection so I really wanted to try it. I think this would look nice combined with some of the others for a funky french.

Blue Moon
This is preedyyyyy, again these light shimmers are a total different look for me but I do like it.

Mystic Mauve
I likey this one, sorry the pic is really rubbish and it does not do it justice. I think you could make this work really nicely with the Blue Moon.

Lili's Pink
Last but not least we have a pink and to be honest this is sooo not me. I am a real pinky girl but I like strong vibrant pinks and this one is so not my taste. To be fair it looked better on than in the bottle but definitely my least favourite.

So there you have it. I think these sets are wicked and there are 5 to choose from. I would have asked for more sets but I have so many of these colours already. The coverage and wearability of Models Own is great especially at such a low price. I change my polish every few days but I rarely get chipping before that but I do use a base/top coat and two coats of polish.

As well as the website you can buy Models Own from selected Boots and River Island stores and I have found that River Island sometimes have the new colours before the website.

I can't wait to find out what Models Own have in store for 2011.


t xx


  1. I have lili's pink and green flash which I love! For £20 it's such a bargain xx

  2. Gorgeous collection, i really like the gold and pink!

  3. Wowww, very beautiful polishes.
    I liked the gold and silver.

  4. These are looking sooo fabulous! Love it x

  5. These look fantastic! I don't own any of their polish, but I do have some on my WL...

  6. Thanks ladies, definately recommend trying Models Own, have such a HUGEEEEEEEEEE selection of colours

    t xxxx

  7. I dont usually like metallic nail polish but the models own ones look great! Thanks for showing the swatches.