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Saturday, 1 January 2011

Nails Inc 4 piece Autumn/Winter collection

HAPPY NEW YEAR - Hope you all had a lovely evening and your hangovers are starting to disappear!!!!

So the new years resolution begins of trying to do 2 posts a week!!!

So going to start with another favourite nail polish brand NAILS INC. I have so many of these polishes (see old posts for other colours) and they are constantly adding new and funky colours to the range. All the colours are named after streets in London and many of them are limited edition so if you likey don't leave it - BUY THEM as they may not be around forever.

Nails Inc Autumn/Winter collection (Picture from http://www.qvcuk.com/)

My little set


Again want to apologise for the swatches as I did them really quickly so they are very sloppy!!

Lowdens Square - lilac mink
This is my favourite colour and I it would be in my top all time fave 5 polishes. If you like Parlez vous OPI then you will love this.

Duke of Wellington Place - charcoal grey
Another great colour. I have lots of greys and always find they are great if you find black a little to harsh.

Queensgate Mews - glossy black grape
Another wicked colour, again this reminds me of OPI Lincoln Park. Definitely one to be in any collection.

Palace Garden Terrace - rich mocha
I have not got many browns but this is such a wearable shade, it is like a deep milky chocolate brown.

Like I said I have ALOT of Nails Inc polishes but this is one of my all time favourite kits. If you love your cosy winter dark colours then this kit is for you. The quality of these polishes are great, again I always use top/base coat and 2 coats of polish to give it's full depth of colour.

Mine was purchased from http://www.qvcuk.com/. You can also buy this from http://www.nailsinc.com/ and I know http://www.asos.com/ had this set as well. It was approximately £25 which is a good deal as Nails Inc polishes are about £10 each....

QVC have a couple of shows today so check them out. If you miss them they have little video clips to show you what the colours look like. They also offer a 30 day money back refund if you don't like them which is fantastic....

t xxx


  1. Lilac Mink is gooor-geous! Never had the opportunity to try this brand , I will try to get some during my next UK trip.
    Happy new year xx

  2. I love the nails inc colours, it just annoys me how long they take to dry! I have Victoria (my fave colour ever!) but I have to slap on the China Glaze fast forward topcoat!

    Lauren Loves...

  3. Hey ladies

    thank you for your comments :o)

    Marilou def try and check them out when you come over. Lots of sites are selling them now and I am sure they sell overseas and they are much cheaper than in store.

    Bib treat yourself hehe

    Lauren I know what you mean. Have you tried Seche Vite top coat. This is something I just can't live without. The one I have on at the moment Queensgate Mews is really similar to Victoria. I have never tried the China Glaze topcoat is it good?

    t xx

  4. love all of these colors<3

    http://inablondeworld.blogspot.com/ stop by sometime love to hear from you:)xxx