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Monday, 3 January 2011

January 2011 wish list

Evening my little ladies

Well as it is a new year I thought it rude not to do a little wish list!!!

I have not added many things as I am not sure what is about lately but these are a couple of things I have been lusting after for a little while.

I will be honest I have been a tad naughty and some of these items are on order so some of them will be lovingly making there way to my home shortly!

So without further ado this is my mini wish list:
1.Nails Inc 5 Piece Metallics Must Haves Collection
2. Nails Inc 4 Piece Denim Collection
3. Guess fancy bag
4. Guess fancy wallet
5. Lux addiction i4 phone cover
6. Benefit Bella Bamba
7. Yves Saint Laurent Arty ring
8. Chanel 5171 violet sunnies
9. NARS products

Here are some of the sites of where you can purchase some of these bad boys:

Nails inc
These 2 sets are currently on QVC. I don't think you can get these anywhere else at the moment http://www.nailsinc.com/

Lux addiction iphone case
I have ordered one of these and my good friend Jen in the states is in the process of sending it to me :o)

Guess bag/wallet
Again naughty me, I have ordered both of these from Macy's and the lovely Jen is also going to be sending these over

Benefit cosmetics/NARS
My BFF has just come back from Vegas and has got me this (not seen her yet), what a lovely friend :o)
I have tried a couple of NARS items and love them so this is definitely something I want to try more of this year

Chanel sunglasses
NAUGHTY ME!!! I have seen these on loads of lovely youtube ladies and lusted after them for ages. I had some Xmas money and decided to go for it. I have never, ever spent this much on one item before but I loved these so much. I found this site and they are so much cheaper. Plus if you register you get a further £10 off. These should arrive any day now so full review when they arrive :o) After all needed I needed new sunnies to go with the new car (now that is a woman’s logic hehe)

Yves Saint Laurent Ring
I want this ring soooo bad. I think this is like Marmite you either love it or loath it. This is currently out of stock in my size on every site I can find, I have contacted so many places so fingers crossed they will come back in stock. Hopefully I may be able to lay my hands on this in the not so distance future hehe!!!

So there you have it my little wish list. As soon as these little goodies arrive I will do a haul of them.

Let me know what is on your wish list

t xx


  1. What a lovely wishlist!! Each of the items would definitely be on mine as well :) I really want to try the new Benefit blush you posted, however I just can't come to buy it because Benefit tests their ingredients on animals :l

    I definitely can't wait to see what you purchased from your wishlist :)

  2. Thanks Dear
    A very nice wish list in this year........
    Yves Saint Laurent Sunglasses

  3. Hey ladies

    Just had my glasses through and they are preedyyy will do a post on them shortly

    Oh my gosh I am really shocked that Benefit test on Animals as I know QVC sell Benefit products and they state they don't sell anything that is tested on animals. Thanks for pointing this out sweetie

    New posts to follow shortly :o)

    t xx