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Wednesday, 19 January 2011

Chanel baby.... YEAH!!!

Hey ladies

Just wanted to show you my very extravagant purchase. If you saw my wish list these babies were on the top of it. They are the Chanel 5171 in violet. How cute are they with the lovely little bows on the side. Loveeeeeeeeeee them.

Now I am not one to blow money on one large purchase but firstly I had some pennies for Xmas and secondly I had wanted these for months.

How major is the packaging - you can feel the quality

I have never had expensive sunglasses before but you can really feel the difference

Bows sooooo cute

I purchased them from:

After much routing around I managed to pick them up for £126 (found a £10 discount code RESULT, if you use this site make sure you complete the form which will email you a discount code). Instead of the huge price tag of £185+ actually I have seen them even more expensive than that.

I was pretty impressed with fashioneyewear. I was told that if you use these for any Chanel sunglasses you have to call them to make your order. Apparently companies are not allowed to sell them online as you don't get that personal service and after looking at many web sites they all seemed the same.
A couple of small gripes were, I asked for them to be sent to my work address and they came to my home address which on this occasion was fine. Also I got the confirmation email on the day I received them so make sure you ask for an order number when you place your order.

All in all I was very happy with the service and price and if I were to purchase another pair of designer glasses I would definitely use them again. I absolutely love my sunnies. Now all I need is some sun so I can wear them hehe

t xx


  1. hehe yay for being able to check that item of your wishlist =)

    i love the little bows, so cute !

  2. LOVE them!!!

    Sadie x


  3. i got my first Chanel about 4 years ago and the price was ridiculous. i paid about $450 for a sunglasses can u believe that? now i really have to think twice lol coz i have bills and car payment ha ha :) the one u got is sooo pretty!

  4. I bought my first pair of Chanel glasses last year with birthday money and have hardly touched them. I am too afraid to take them out of the box.

  5. Hey girlies

    Thank you for your comments. I know such a scary amount of money but was mega pleased with my saving so dont feel so bad and also waited ages to buy them. Funny that seemed so justified in my head lol.

    FunnyFaceBeauty - make sure you get those bad boys out and wear them hehe