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Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Lux addiction case

Hey guys

Just a quick review for you for my fantastic Lux Addiction case.

Well as you can see from that statement I LOVE this case!!! lol

I purchased the 375 case for the iphone 4

I have been toying with purchasing one of these since the summer as they are pretty pricey but after all the shall I shan't I I finally decided to to go for it. Well I was not disappointed and have to say WOW this case is stunning. I was a bit concerned about the fit as the ones I have had in the past for the iphone 4 have not been so good. Well this fit like a glove and clicked nicely into place. The quality and design is amazing. I have had alot of phone cases in the past but I have to say not one of them is in the same league as this. The crystals and the butterflies are amazing and you definitely get what you pay for.

The cost of this case was $79.99 but I was lucky as firstly I found a discount code which actually worked and secondly I asked for it to be sent to my lovely friend Jen who lives in the states and she shipped it over to me so I did not have to pay so much in postage. You are also sent a little bag of spare crystals in case any fall off which is a nice touch.

I would definitely not hesitate to purchase another one of these. I really wanted a Hello Kitty case but they have taken them off the site for some reason. Hopefully they will get them back in stock soon.

Would love to know if you have one of these
t xx


  1. I have been lusting of these for ageess! I'm getting an iphone 4 next month and i'm definitely gonna save up for one of these =).
    It looks gorgeous. =)

    Stephanie xx

  2. Wow that looks incredible!!!.. well worth it xx

  3. Hey ladies

    thanks for your posts. Def, def worth it. If you are spending on that money on a fab phone why not treat it to a lovely little coat hehe

    t xxx

  4. GOD!! This is tooo cute . I want one, but I have a blackberry.
    It's so girly

  5. Hey Marilou - thank you pleased you likey, check out there site as they do tons of models for different phone types.

    Let me know if you get one

    t xxx