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Wednesday, 19 January 2011

A couple of cheeky accessories

Happy Sunday everyone

It has probably become rather clear by now that I am obsessed with accessories. Especially jewellery and shoes. I get so excited when I find little bits and bobs to add to my stupidly large collection.

So I thought I would show you a few items that I have picked up over the last 2 months. I will post all the links at the bottom.

Firstly we have shoes:

Faith - £32.50
Faith is no longer with us but Debhamans still stock some of there items. As per my twitter posts I have been on a mission to get some black going out shoes for a while. I really have trouble with black shoes for some reason. I think it is because I love pretty sparkly things and black shoes always seem such a boring purchase. Well these are rather pretty and sparkly- oh and black lol

Linzi shoes - Orsola £27.00
I loveeeeeeeeeeeeee these so much but boy are they high. These are definitely a car to bar shoe approx 5 half inch! I so wish the designers will take it down an inch or 2!

Now for jewellery. I am obsessed with rings so you will see quite a few here lol

Fantasy Jewelery Box - £30ish I think (had a discount code and it is from the U.S)
I saw this on YouTube and the lovely Carly Cristman had it on. I had to have it. It is WOW and truly stunning. It also came with some clip on earrings so apologies for not showing them. This pic does so not do it justice.

Miss Selfridge - £10
Just thought this was so cute and dainty. I purchased a ring from Avon (see below that is very similar)

QVC - approx £17
Gossip watches are QVC's own watch brand. They are nice quality watches are a very low prices. I wanted a rose gold watch for ages and could not pass this one up. I need to get the strap made smaller but I think it is a really expensive looking watch for the money.

Accessorize - £3
This was in the sale and soooo cute.

QVC - Butler & Wilson - £35
This was an Xmas pressie and I love it. It is sooo preddyyyyy.

Primark - £2.50
WOW bargain. I have not had a great bargain in Primarni for ages so was well chuffed with this.

Avon - £5
How well does this match the Miss Selfridge bracelet and without even trying. Was very pleased with this because I did not realise until I had them both together.

So their you have it, a few different bits and bobs I have recently purchased. Let me know what you think and show me any new things you have recently purchased.


t xx


  1. I have that double flower primark ring and people always comment on it, what a bargain ha. I love the QVC ring its gorgeous xx

  2. Hey nicoletta

    What a great buy eh, i had seen it on a blog in the summer and ours has only just got them in. Mental

    Thank you sweetie

    t x

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