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Sunday, 24 October 2010

Free Ciate polish .....

Hi guys

Just a quickie post in case you have not seen it yet.

The November issue of UK Marie Claire are giving away Ciate nail polishes worth £9 each. The magazine is £3.50 so what a fab bargain.

There are 2 to choose from:

Dangerous Affair
This is the one I got. It looks like a burgundy in the picture and bottle but it is more of a deep dark sexy red when you paint it on.

Think I may have to toddle down to the newsagents to purchase this one as well. This is a WOW I have arrived colour. A total bright reddy/orange but not sure what it is like on the nail.

Sorry I have not done a proper post with swatches. I left the magazine at work and
Just tried it but could not get any decent pictures of it because:
A. The light is bad
B. My camera does not want to be nice tonight and
C. I am pants with a camera!!!

From first experience I really liked this polish, again not sure of staying power as I have just painted it on my nails. From what I can tell a fab freebie and how cute are the bottles.

If you would like to purchase any Ciate polishes check out there web site here:
and if you enter code CIATEMC you will receive 15% off. I have my little eyes on the Twilight set lol

t xxx


  1. Aaaaaah so cool! Too bad I don't live in the UK!!

  2. i LOVE the first one! although, both of these shades are absolutely gorgeous. you can never fail with red nail polish. it is always a classic!

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