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Friday, 1 October 2010

Haul - sorry a little late

Hey ladies

Sorry not posted anything new for a little while. I am sitting here on a horrible rainy Friday night with a glass of vino and and bag of Doritos I thought what a perfect time to show you what bits and bobs I purchased in September.

I know some of this looks a bit summery but I am off to Sunny (well hopefully sunny) Florida in the next couple of weeks. YIPPIE :o)

So without further ado this is what I purchased:

First up dresses

Primark - £11 (i think) Yes I know it does look a little like a curtain but it is nice on lol

Lipsy - ASOS (I know this is mega summery but I really, really wanted this and it was in the sale reduced from £65 to £35 I think) - HOLIDAY!! lol

TFNC - These dresses are my new obsession. I totally love Lipsy but now I am loving these just as much. I had already bought the black one see below. ASOS had some of there lovely dresses in the sale for a few days. I think it was £35 but can't remember.

TFNC again - My current fave dress. I wore this a few weeks ago and got tons of compliments. I actually bought this from TFNC website for £40. The quality and fit are fab. Definitely recommend these to everyone.

Next up tops

Body or as me and my mates call them babygrows lol. This is from Matalan and it was about £8 I think

Primark - £8 Horse shoe blouse

Primark - £5 (Another babygrow - I think sorry pants with prices)

Primark - £8ish I think!!

Finally accessories

Primark - £2 each - yes can you believe that £2 for these fab belts - I love em!!

Primark - All jewellery between £2 - £3.50 I think

Cuffs again guessing the prices but they were around the £6 each mark
Bow - ASOS
Leaf - Matalan

Right well these are a rip off of Jimmy Choo - Quinze. I got them from ebay and thought they would be more of a blush nude colour. They are OK but a bit disappointed with the colour. They have a mesh insert so they are more like a little booty. Unfortunately I am so pale at the moment I look like Casper the Ghost as they def need a cheeky little tan. Any tan recommendations would be welcomed lol...

Matalan - £16 - God what a shocking photo! It is like HELLO where are my ankles but I promise you they are there!!!

So there you have it. A few of my recent purchases.
If you like this post look out for my next haul as I have purchases some really nice bits from H&M. They have some fab stuff in there at the moment. Got a fantastic pair of leatherette trousers for like £20.
I am on a mission for boots. I HATE buying boots as I am such a summer baby so any recommendations of site, etc would be welcomed
Huggys ladies
t xxx


  1. love the accessories!
    unfortunately I don't have any of these shops near my city

  2. love everything!!!great haul!!


  3. I love both pairs of shoes and the black dress with the golden details!! ;)

  4. Oh that second top is pretty! You have great taste! :D

  5. I LOVE absolutely every piece in this entry. Beautimous!

  6. Ah thank you ladies

    Please let me know of any pretty purchases you have made recently

    t xxx

  7. You got such wonderful things!
    I love the haul! Thanks for sharing :)
    Shopping is so much fun ey?! :)
    hehe Have a wonderful weekend hun!

  8. Hi there,

    Really lovely post , I really enjoyed your blog.

    Stop by mine too if you can and if free to follow it if you enjoy it!

    Hope to see you soon.
    Pretty Portobello Blog

  9. That good buys :)
    I liked the second photo.

    Kisses ^_^

  10. Ahh thank you ladies. Love to see anything new you have recently purchased lately. Any ideas for boots would be fab lol

    t xx

  11. great pieces! love the 2nd dress
    come follow xoox

  12. OH I looooove the horse blouse!!! If one day ou get tired of it, I AM BUYING IT ASAP. :-) Let me know LOL