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Friday, 17 September 2010

Eyeko - old and new review

Hey ladies

This is a bit of different post as I wanted to do a review on the fab Eyeko range. Then I remembered that I had some stuff from Eyeko from years ago stashed away. (I am very naughty as never throw anything away lol)

So without further ado I shall show the new and the old!!!

First up this is all the bits and bobs that I have:

New - Eyeko cream, nail polishes, mascara
Old - Eyeko's powder, Silver stick

Polishes - £3.50 each - I currently only have 4 and I love them so definitely want to add to my collection. I won't go into masses of detail as I know lots of peeps have posted about these but the coverage is really nice and creamy and I LOVE the packaging. I have only swatched 3 of them so far but will swatch nude polish when I get some more :o)

Posh Polish

Lilac Polish

Tea Rose Polish

Next up Mascara and Cream

Cream - £8.00 - I have to say I am super, super impressed with this. I am pretty sure I had this product years ago and don't really remember much about it but I have to say I really love this. It is shimmer but not overpowering at all. It has given my grey skin a nice glow and I have stopped using my Benefit That Gal primer since using this as it is a similar texture. This is definitely a repurchase but will take forever to get through as you don't need much. I want to try the new extra glow cream next.

Mascara - £8.00 - I have to say I did not have very high hopes for this. Not because of the mascara itself but because I have horrible little straight short lashes. Well once again I was pleasantly surprised. I like the fact the brush is not huge as most of those just take over my entire face so this dainty little brush gets right down my little stubs and makes me look like I actually have lashes. It is also incredibly glossy which you may or may not like but for me this is a plus. All in all me likey lots :o)

Nice teeny brush for my little stubs!

and now for the old!!!

I know you prob think WHY would I post this but I just thought it was cool that this brand had been going for quite a few years (I think lots of people would have thought Eyeko was a new brand) so wanted to show you some of the cool things they used to have (wondering if they will bring it back)???

Eyeko powder - this is really pretty fine shimmey powder which looks is lovely on shoulders/arms. Even though it is not an overpowering glitter I would not put it on my face.

Silver stick - this has the oddest texture - it is really cold and just adds a tiny bit of glitter but again it is pretty fine and not a chunky glitter.

Pretty shimmer - do you think they should bring this back?

So there you have it - old and new from Eyeko. Let me know what you think and if you love Eyeko's range. I personally love everything I have tried and think the packaging is fantastic and the prices are great. Can't wait to see what fab things they have coming our way in the future...
If you want to purchase anything from Eyeko go to:
Don't forget to use my ambassador code: E8701 and make sure you check out their Twitter and Facebook pages for offers and discounts
t xx


  1. Great post, i didn't know it had been going so long. The brown polish looks lovely, ive not seen it before x

  2. Brill post, Pretty shimmer is stunning!! I would defo buy one if they brought it back!

    Sher x

  3. Cool brand ! I love the nail polishes, they look amazing :)

  4. Yep I have a few Eyeko items myself, such as Posh Polish and Big Eyes Mascara. They are good products!

  5. Hey ladies

    Thanks for your comments. I really love the Eyeko range and was so pleased when they re packaged there polishes as it made me try them all again.

    Can't wait to see what new colours they bring out in the polishes they are so cute xxxx

  6. wow, the products look lovely!
    I hope I get the chance to try some of them someday :)

  7. Hey Renay

    They are really cool and great prices, if you can def check them out xx

  8. I like the purple nail polish :D

  9. Those polishes are so cute ! the packaging ! <3

    Lilac looks lovely on you btw =D

  10. Thank you ladies

    Def recommend everything I have tried and I think the packaging is fantastic.

    Cant wait to see what new products they have coming out

    t x

  11. their nail polish' colors are just pretty! love them =)!