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Friday, 3 September 2010

I love Liz Earle

Hey guys

Well this little post is all about the fantastic skin care range Liz Earle. I have been using these products for about 8 years on and off and they are always ones that I skip back to in between trying new things.

In case you have not heard of them the company is based in the Isle of Wight and I think they have been around for around 15 years. They are into natural ingredients and no testing on animals which is fantastic. You can buy all there products from there own website or I get mine from good old QVC, (if any of you regularly read my blog you will see I LOVE QVC lol)!!

Neway enough of my waffling. This kit was one of the TSVs (Today's Special Value) which basically means it was at a mega low price for one day only.

I think I paid about £35 (but can't remember sorry) but it was worth way more than that. They have some fab kits for you to try and if you are a newbie some fantastic travel and trial kits on both web sites.

My kit contained 9 pieces + muslin cloths:

Foot scrub
Foot repair moisturiser

Energising body wash
Energising body scrub

Cleanse and polish (the product that launched the brand)
Skin repair moisturiser
Instant boost skin tonic
Eye bright
Daily eye repair

Full kit

I had never tried Liz's foot range and I have to say I was pretty impressed. It had a minty smell which I am totally not a fan of but it was not overpowering as it also had a spa fragrance mixed in as well. My feet were starting to resemble horse shoes so I used a ped egg first then soaked them with some bubbles then scrubbed all the nasty stuff away. I then popped on the moisturiser and it felt like a brand new pair of feet. I would say if you did this once a week you would have lovely little twinkle toes in no time...

I love this range, like seriously love it. The smell is like a real high end spa. The scrub is probably the best I have used. I am gutted I don't have a moisturiser at the moment as that just finishes everything off nicely. I always notice a difference straight away with her body products.

I tend to try and have the cleanse and polish, moisturiser and face toner at home at all times. This is a fantastic quick routine and really does the job. It makes you feel lovely and clean. Again the products smell fantastic. I will be honest I never really know what to do with the eye bright and do use the eye creams as I am getting old and wrinkly but I have yet to notice any difference.

All in all I would def try any of Liz's products. Her range is growing all the time, she has just introduced a hair range and now has her own perfume. I have tons of other products of hers that I use on a regular basis. The prices are all really reasonable and like I said if you keep checking out QVC web site you will see lots of fantastic kits. If you don't like them simply send them back within 30 days for a refund so you have nothing to loose. Simples!

If you fancy checking out Liz's products go to either


Liz Earle

You can also now buy her products from John Lewis.

Check it out

t xxxxx


  1. I've been reading lots of good reviwes about this brand. Too bad I can't get it anywhere near here...

  2. Hey Biba

    Honestly it is worth trying to get hold of. Have you tried contact Liz Earle directly to see if they ship to your country. Alternatively ebay always have some bits and bobs to try. Hope that helps and you can find some

    t xxx