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Friday, 29 April 2011

Barry M new Crackles review ....

Hey ladies

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As most of you know Crackles seems to be taking the beauty industry by storm and most of the large companies seem to be jumping on this bandwagon such as OPI, Nails Inc and Models Own to name but a few. Many of these companies started off with black and are now thankfully introducing a whole spectrum of pretty colours.

This is my 3rd crackle purchase and to be honest I bought black the first time and was really not my cup of tea as I thought it was a little harsh so was dubious about buying more. Well Barry M just launched 3 new colours, white, pink and blue so I decided to give them another go and bought 2 of them, blue and pink.

Colour 314
This is a fantastic summery pretty pink and completely changed the way I felt about crackles. This was done super quick (as you can see lol) over Models Own Misty Grey and came out really well.

Colour 315
Again I love this and again the same Misty Grey underneath and looks wicked and really cracks so well.

I have to say I am super impressed with these. I really did not like the black at all so was not in a tearing hurry to buy anymore. If you do get these I would say I would use a light colour underneath as I currently have the blue over a dark pink on my toes and it is not nearly as striking. I am thinking a silver or gold would look cool. I also made sure I added a top coat so it is nice and glossy.

This has totally changed my mind about the crackles and can't wait to see what colours come out in the near future. I picked these up at Superdrug and they were super cheap at £3.99 each. Definitely worth checking out.

t xx


  1. I have the black and the blue one and I think they're so much fun! :D

  2. I have the black and white one, I agree I think the black is too harsh for me too. I bought Boots 17 one and I quite like that one. x

  3. Thanks ladies

    I just done a wheel with a gold glitter underneath and it is so preeeddyyy. Will check out the Boots one's to and the Gosh just noticed they have some

    Thanks for your replies

    t xx