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Saturday, 14 May 2011

My shoes have arrived :o)

Hey ladies (sorry for the delay in this post I tried to post this a couple of days and blogger was down)

When I got married 3 years ago I became slightly obsessed with a pair of Gina shoes. Unfortunately that was never going to happen as they were about £800, a little out of my budget!!! :o(

I could never get these shoes out of my head and over the 3 years I kept looking about for something similar that were affordable.

WELL I FOUND THEM!! It may be 3 years later but I finally got them. They arrived today whilst I was at work and as I opened them I suddenly became surrounded by about 10 women all oooing and arhhhhing which as a tad embarrassing. (I have to say I went a wee shade of pink lol).

and here they are....

As you can see they are definitely not for the shrinking violet and they are mega OTT. I think they are a marmite shoe, you either love them or hate them. Personally I love them.

If you want to check them out the company is called BOGINNI & CO and they have their own site but I got mine from ebay (see links below). They are custom made and took about 3 weeks for them to be made and sent out. They were still expensive at £129 but they were reduced from £159 so a small saving but definitely worth it. They are completely covered with AB Swarovski crystals. I am a UK size 5 and mine are a true fit. The heel height is approx 5 inches including the platform. They were beautifully packaged and have quite a large bag of spare crystals. I am so impressed along with all the woman at work and have my eye on the peep toe ones which are a new addition to the site (don't worry I will be good lol).

Unfortunately my pictures do not do them justice and you have to see them in person to appreciate how amazing they really are.

If you would like to check them out go to:

or ebay:
diamond_crystal_couture (I got mine here as they are a registered seller for Boginni)

So for all you Princesses out there that are looking for a little bit of sparkle these could be for you ....

t xxx


  1. They are amazing, I wanted a similar pair when I got married too :-) x

  2. They look fabulous. Unwearable but fabulous.

  3. They look amazing! I love them :D

  4. i love them!! how girlish!!! and pretttyyy ahhhhhh

  5. perfect for a night out! luv it girl! :)

  6. Those shoes are just AH-MAZING. Deffo very GaGa-esque!xo

  7. Totally amazing!! Bit to high for me! I'd be all over a pair with a kitten heel!! xx

  8. Thank you for your lovely comments ladies. Yes have to agree very high so I think they will be my car to bar shoes hehe. I am pretty good in heels but really wished they had done a lower heel.

    Hopefully they will get their first outing very soon lol

    t xx

  9. Ooh wow those are amazing! deffinetley the most beautiful shoes i've seen!! xxx