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Monday, 16 August 2010

My new phone case for my IPhone 4

Evening lovely ladies

A short little post tonight but thought I must share this with you all as I was super excited as it is sooooo cuteeee.

I recently became the proud owner of the new IPhone 4. Well me being me really had to have a cute and girlie case. This became a little problem/mission as they don't seem to have that many on the market at the moment so I had to settle for this one:

There was a choice of a about 3 cases and I will say it def looks better in the pic. I got it from a local market stall for £10 and it lasted about a day before breaking along the sides. So in a word it was crap!

I had already ordered this one and I have to say I loooooveeee it. I purchased it from ebay and it was £11.50. I will honestly say you can really tell the difference it is super nice quality and where it is a kind of rubber will take a lot to break it (I am not going to try lol). I have seen these style cases on phone sites and I know they cost loads more. The only down side is they currently only do back covers and no fronts. She also included so very cute crystal stickers (if you want me to post a photo let me know)

This is the sellers shop http://stores.ebay.co.uk/PencyMaMa
Seller ID: chingfpc

I really want a Lux Addiction case or something similar (seen some lovely ones on ebay) but for now I am super happy with this but will def get one in the the future so watch this space....
t xxxx
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  1. Thankyou, ive been looking for a case like this for my iphone4 :) Did uyou know if you get the apple app, you can get a free case?

    Gonna Order one tomorrow, and your right, I had alot of the first picture type cases for my 3gs and all the crystal crumbled off after a few days and the edges snapped. Might aswell spend a little more on a better quality one :) xx

  2. Hey sweetie

    ahh pleased you like it. oh yes ordered mine and may bling it up lol.

    Let me know which one you got they have loads. Really annoys me as it was a complete waste of £10 but so far with this one I am super impressed.

    Seen some fab bling ones on ebay for like £50 and sooo tempted.

    t xxx

  3. Thats so cute! I love all the swatches in your blog.


  4. I have bought the same case (type cake) on ebay! from the same vendor, was slow to arrive to the enclosure to house? you arrive in good condition?


  5. by the way, the front of the case as it is?


  6. Hey hon

    Sorry bit confused with question lol. I think mine took the time to arrive as stated but did see a while. Also it was just the back as stated as they currently do not do fronts.

    I have to say I am really clumsy and have dropped my phone a few times now and it has really saved my phone!!!

    U pleased with yours?

    I am def going to get a sparkly one though i love the ones from LUX ADDICTION but have to wait till pay day lol

    Hope that helps

    t x