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Friday, 25 June 2010

Couple of cheeky purchases

Evening my little princesses

Well as you can see I have been shopping again!!! You lot must think that is all I do!!! lol. Honestly this is not the case I just appear to have purchased a few more items than normal as I am going on holiday in 2 weeks (well that is my excuse anyway lol). So without further ado this is what I got....

Jewellery - I got this little lot from Matalan and they had 20% off all their jewellery so I had to get something lol :o) They had so many cute things I could have bought so much more, so you can see I was actually good lol!

Matalan - Necklace, I love this it seems to go with so many things and the lace bows are soooo cute

Matalan - Suddenly very into pearls!!!

Matalan - Once again this is mega cute especially with all the little charms

This is what they look like on (already had a little pearl bracelet laying around to layer with)....

Accessories - Just a couple of things from New Look and Primark

New Look - I thought this little belt was a bit different and it was like £5 I think. Again I had a 20% off voucher so I just had to use it lol

New Look - this was on my little wish list and it is so cute. Goes really well with my little ballet pumps from Primark - a very handy shopping bag me thinks!

Primark - This is such a cute headband. I have not tried the elastic ones before as I thought they would just slip off my little pea head. So far so good and this was like £1 BARGAIN!

Clothes - Only got a few things but will be honest that I am taking the dresses back but still thought I would show you! (I am a nightmare for that as in the past I used to keep EVERYTHING and still have loads of things with labels on them so I am good now that if I am not 100% sure it goes back)! - Are you impressed hehe

Primark - Firstly excuse the fact it is creased and totally needs an iron!!! I love this shirt it was only like £8 and you get the belt. Just think you can do so many things with it - oh and you need a smaller size than normal which always makes me feel good lol

New Look - I wanted a dress that i could wear for a meal with heels or wedges or with flip flops for nice summer days. I do like this dress and but sadly this is not THAT dress so it is going back!

New Look - This is also going back. I really really like it but I really love the Lipsy ones so I would rather pay a bit more and get the one I want. Plus the fact it is my Birthday next week (not telling my age hehe) and I will buy my Lipsy one then.

So their you have it a few little things that have worked there way into my wardrobe!!! Hope you likey and let me know your thoughts

t xx


  1. Pretty love the accessories and the last dress!

  2. I know what you mean I'm on hols soon and shopping more than usual. It's always nice to wear something new and different on holiday though I find.

  3. Cute haul! everything is so pretty I love the acceseries and the last dress :) Fab shopping trip :)

    Nicola xo

  4. Cute stuff! I love pearls so much I will deffo have to go into Matalan for a look! :)

    Im on holiday soon too and im shopping up a storm! I should do a haul post soon too :)


  5. Hey ladies

    ahh thank you for your lovely comments. Dont you feel like the new clothes cost more than the holiday hehe

    b&b remember the 20% off jewellery and their stuff is cheap to start with :o)Let me know what you get?

    t x

  6. hey girl, thanks for the lovely comments on my blog - just nipped over for a wee peep - and what a fab blog! :) ... just started following too x

    enter my 'sharing the love' scottish fashion awards giveaway with boohoo and Swarovski :)