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Sunday, 4 July 2010

Butterfly Twists

Hey guys

Sorry I have been so naughty lately with the whole posting thing. It was my birthday during the week and I have been mega busy. (most of which involved, shops, eating, Eclipse, alcohol and the girls lol).

So I wanted to do a little post on these bad boys. Have you heard of Butterfly Twists?????

Well they are these little fold up shoes that you pop in your rather large clutch bag!!! We took another bag out especially for the purpose of carrying these little shoes, so when your feet can take no more you change into them.

Well my feet did last until 2am so not bad but could not take the pain anymore. I saw many girls tottering around and looking in agony or others walking barefoot. My friend and I smugly strolled along in our pairs of hideous ballet pumps but boy did they do the trick.

I have to say I think they are not bad. They are ugly and you need room for them hence the huge clutch bag comment but def saved my night. I only wore them as I walked into the kebab shop but it was enough, don't think you would see me strutting my stuff in them!!! lol

I got mine on ebay for about £4 including postage but I have seen them on line for £17


I have to say they were nicely packaged and they they arrived in a cute box and a little bag. The bag is a tad useless though....

So what do you think, would you get a pair of these or would you rather wander around in your bear feet!!! lol


  1. Great idea, they look really cute too.

  2. hehe they look like my house slippers. Love the idea

  3. omg seriously no way would I walk around in my bare feet thats just nasty :/

    I have seen these before I think they are a great idea...I should get a pair :) Thanks for reminding me I need them in my life.


  4. oh and I meant to add here is a brand that do prettier ones:



  5. Hey ladies

    They are not bad and for the money they are def worth it. Will check out the pretty ones B&TB lol. If you suffer like me I def recommend them xxxx

  6. Good idea. Thank you for sharing :)
    I've seen girls walking in bare feet and it's pretty disgusting. I rather suffer in heels than walking barefooted.