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Wednesday, 21 July 2010

I need these sandals - HELP

Hi guys

This is a cry for help as I NEED these sandals!!!! I know this is very cheeky but as you ladies know your fashion and shopping I thought it was worth a shot.

They were called Hazy and they were from Topshop but it seems the whole world has sold out (I tried lots of branches) out :o(. However I saw a girl wearing them and she said she got them from Dagenham market in Essex so I know they must sell them somewhere else.

I think I have searched every site going, from ebay (they have the odd second hand pair), ebid, Etsy and all the fashion and shoe stores you can imagine. So please in my final quest to get them can someone help me pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

t xxx

Topshop Hazy

A wholesaler pic in somewhere in Taiwan that never got back to me :o(

All I want is a little pair in size 5 in either black or cream - not a big ask :o(

As you can see I am a woman on a mission lol.


  1. I couldn't find the exact pair, sadly, but I did find some that were somewhat similar!




    I found a few more on http://www.urbanog.com/index.html but I think they were out of stock. :\

    I'm not sure if these sites ship to the UK, but I thought they might help a little!

  2. Hey Jean

    Thank you so much your little Gem. Love the last ones and I habe a friend who lives in the states so she may be getting an email real soon lol..

    Also coming over to your side of the pond soon so good to see some fab sites

    thanks again sweetie really appreciate your help

    t xx

  3. These are really cute and girly. I would love to have a pair myself ;)

    Thanks for following my makeup blog. I also have a nail blog

  4. Hey hon

    oo thank you. Well the lovely Jean sent over the sites from the US (thank you Jean :o) and they have a few different types so I was spoilt for choice. With postage and a promotional code when you register they worked about £20 a pair so not bad.



    When you think that the second hand ones from TopShop went for £47 on ebay I thought that was pretty good

    Let me know if you get any

    t xxx

  5. Saw a girl with these on at my work the other day and she said she got them on Romford market! They were cream/off white. And £15! Hoping to get some tomorrow or Friday. Actually found this post using Google! XX

  6. Kind of similar http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/Womens-Santin-Strap-Pearl-Point-Flat-Sandals-US3-5-10-/270603967295?cmd=ViewItem&pt=US_Women_s_Shoes&var=&hash=item84b7066a66#ht_3054wt_1148

  7. Hey Emma

    How funny, hope you like my little blog

    I have ordered those ones from the US site so will let you know what they are like.

    My friend lives in Romford so she is going to look for me so finger crossed. I will end up with loads of pairs now lol if so they may go on ebay so watch this space lol

    Thank you for the link I have seen those before. Funny already have those saved in my ebay list.

    Let me know how you get on at Romford

    Cheers hon

    t xxx

  8. I stumbled across this post after searching for wedding shoes. Did you ever find these? I am in love with them and they would fit my wedding perfect!