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Wednesday, 28 July 2010

My sandals have arrived....

Good evening lovely ladies

Firstly I did not have the best day today but after my 2 hour and 15 min journey home from work (don't ask) I was not in the best of moods.

Funny how my mood suddenly lifted quickly as my neighbour called out "Tracy I have a parcel for you" hehe.

I skipped indoors and all I can say is my love for sandals went into overdrive as I unwrapped these little beauties. As some you may know I have been on a mega mission to get these (they are simiar to the Hazy sandals from TopShop) and the lovely Jean from Warpaint sent me a link to a US site where they had them.

Firstly I have to say YES they are similar (I am a true nightmare, if I love something i have to have more than one). Secondly I am suddenly very into pearls and bows!!! (I am very much a fad person)!

So without further ado here are the pics


Please excuse my FAT little toes!!! What is that lol

I have been super impressed with this site. I ordered them late Thursday night and they have taken less than a week to get here. Shipping is not cheap but it never is from the US and these worked out including shipping about £20 a pair so I thought that was pretty good. Also one of the biggest pluses for me is that I did not get charged customs which is really unusual for US shopping sites.

If you likey these and want to purchase them, this is the site. They have lots of lovely cute things especially shoes and I will def use them again

Let me know what you think
t xxx
HUGE thank you and huggys to Jean for helping me out


  1. Hey, thanks for following, cute shoes! parcels always make a bad day slightly better. x

  2. Thanks ladies

    I loveeeeeeeeeee them. Oh you are not kidding me a happy lady (love your blog sweets) xx

  3. Hi, Ive just found you're blog and I'm loving it (:
    those shoes are gorgeous!

  4. Ahh thank you honey and v v happy with them xxx

  5. they are the most gorgeous sandals ever!

  6. Hey sweetie - ahh thank you. Actually i think the black ones are surgically attached to my feet lol sooo comfy xxx