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Friday, 23 July 2010

Cheeky little holiday to Salou

Hey guys

Well as some of you know I just got back from a lovely little holiday in Salou in Spain with one of my BFF's Sarah. I know this is not a beauty/fashion post as such but I thought I would post anyway. I was really stressed as my camera was playing up and wanted to do some OOTD pics but they kept going all fuzzy and in the end I got cross and could not be bothered. Also over the last couple of holidays I have noticed that peeps are a lot more casual so did not end up wearing most of my nice NEW dressy stuff which was annoying.

So enough of me banging on here are a couple of little pics for you if you are even slightly interested lol:

Our hotel was called the Magnolia in Salou and it was a boutique hotel for adults. It was very niceeeeeee:

Our room - this pic def does not do it justice

Freebieesssss - we likey

Our fantastic pool bar, how cool is that. Also check out the old movies projected on the walls

Ahhh the beach

Sarah and I - I think this is our 12th holiday together - I wonder how long we will keep doing this. I think we will end up like the Golden Girls lol

Stupidly large cocktails with a firework hanging out of them!

At pool bar

Last night - make it a chilled one

Going on holiday to Florida in October with hubby which is my fave place in the world :o). I am holiday mad so let me know where your fave places are.....

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