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Thursday, 10 June 2010

Primark haul

Evening ladies. Well I had a few cheeky trips to Primark recently and purchase a couple of items (I use the term couple loosely lol)!! However some of these little gems looked totally pants on me (see other ladies modelling them and they looked fab) so they went back but thought I would show you anyway.....

This is what I kept...

This dress was like £5 and look so teeny thought it would not go over my thigh (I am not teeny, trust me) but it fit like a glove. Looks fab with a large belt

I have wanted a ballerina skirt of so long, I love the Lipsy ones but know I wont get the use of out them. This was fit lovely and it was only £7 BARGIN

Finally another ballerina skirt. I really only wanted one but this looked so nice with a fitted corset and my cream peep toes I had to keep it. Again £7 - what a result

Now what I took back - I took loads back!!!!

Loved this but did not know where I would wear it as it was a bit short for work and not smart enough for a night out - think it was £9

How tight can one piece of elastic be!!! Was going to get a larger one but all the bigger sizes had sold out - think it was about £7

Again v cute but bit snug (I need to go on a diet badly lol) again think about £7

This was wayyy short and flarey - top bit was nice but rest looked shocking. Sorry can't remember price

I saw this on Millie from Pearls and Poodles and she looked so cool strutting her funky stuff in NY. On me it looked like crap lol so back to Primarni it went lol

Finally this little cream number which I loved!!! So gutted because even with the slip it was soooo see through and I thought I would spend my life trying to find something to stop it doing that. (This one is still at home and v tempted to keep it though lol)

So that was my little shopping spree which was not as successful as I hoped. I am going on holiday soon and may do a little "Outfits of the Holiday" session if anyone is interested..... Let me know xxx


  1. Primark is the best. You have picked lovely stuff :D you've inspired me to do some primark shopping tomorrow I think lol. xxxxxxx

  2. Love that black skirt, it's very nice. I really like the look of the cream top/dress, such a shame it's a bit see through! x

  3. I love Primark!

  4. That blue dress is so cute! Awesome haul - you have great taste!



  5. I really want one of those ballerina type skirts too, I love the second one its sooo pretty :) im gonna go look in primark and see if i can find it! x

  6. Hey ladies

    ahh thank you, I am off shopping Saturday for holiday things so hopefully another haul to follow shortly

    Let me know if you get anything

    t x

  7. CONGRATULATIONS TRACY!! You're the winner of my holiday hamper competiton!

    Go check out my blog post about your winnings :)

    I'll be emailing you directly with more details.