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Monday, 31 May 2010

Curling my hair using the YOGI wand

First off I am going to say I HATE my hair, like I really hate it!! Yes tis true and for years this has bee a HUGE issue to me to the point I got upset when I used to go out as my hair is really fine and just looked pants all the time. So 18 months ago I thought enough was enough and got bonded hair extensions. This changed my life and I love them and never looked back... I won't go on about my extensions but if you do want to know about them please feel free to ask.

Moving on. The reason for this post is I curl my hair every day and recently purchased my Yogi wand. I had 3 girls come up to me over 2 days to ask who done my hair so thinking it did not look that bad I decided to do some before and afters for you.....

So here goes firstly the wand. I purchased it from QVC item 432818, it was £51 + p&p. I also got it over 2 easy payments which is really good and if I did not get on with it within 30 days it could returned for a full refund (excluding p&p costs). All very big pluses for me....

This is how it arrived, I choose the Zebra print as it looked funky. The wand came with it's own glove which you MUST use believe me and a travel mat which is excellent as you can put the hot wand in there and roll it up. Genius!!!

The wand - cool and funky looking

Glove to stop burning your little fingers

Wand slots nicely into the little heat proof pouch

This is a product I could not do without. I have tried a zillion curly products and this is fantastic Umberto Giannini Natural Curls Styling Spray. I always use a hair protector/leave in conditioner and then add this as well. I only use a few little sprays to keep in lovely and curly...

BEFORE - I don't like wearing my extensions straights as I feel like a witch. My hair is looking very wispy here as it needs pulling up again and new hair adding so it is normally alot thicker than this

AFTER - Curly wirly hair. I have been curling my hair since I have had extensions so I am pretty fast. I can do my curls in less than 10 mins and got used to using the Yogi wand pretty quickly, I whizzed through on the 3rd go. I will be honest and do tend to use my old wand to just do the ends as they are hard to get with Yogi

So what do you think? I personally thought it would not be that good but the curls stay in all day and never drop. When I wake up it is still mega curly but have to wash it again cos my pants hair goes all greasy. In my mind this was a TOP purchaseeee me likey lots.....


  1. Hi there, thanks for this it looks really good x

  2. Wow its so lovely :) I think your hair looks better curly-cute!


  3. Ah thanks ladies, really love this curling tong it has seriously helped my little hair. Def NEVER wear it straight lol - witchypooh!! lol

    t x