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Monday, 3 May 2010

First polish post - Seche Vite

Sorry this has taken so long. Firstly I will be honest I am slightly scared of blogging as it is a big scary world lol. Secondly I am slightly pants at taking pictures and up close my nails look shocking so apologies in advance.

So here goes, my first official post, and I have no idea how to upload the pics but will give it a go.....

Seche Vite is the BEST top coat ever. I have used many in the past but this without a doubt is the Queen of Top Coats :o)

I know tons of you use this already but there are still many that have never heard of it so I thought i should share this. I have bought numerous bottles for myself and my friends and they are totally converted.

My main tip is you paint it on while your polish is wet and you can generally touch try within a couple of minutes. It is alot thicker than most top coats.

I always buy mine from ebay as it works out about £6.50 with postage and i think it is normally about £9.50 so a cheeky little saving.

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