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Tuesday, 18 May 2010

Mini fashion and beauty haul - May 2010

St Moriz fake tan - Wanted to try this for some time as I read about it on Imogen's blog 'BubbleDreams' It was about £5.50 and looks very similar in packaging to St Tropez. Will do a full review on this in a couple of days.

Sanctuary facial products - Had a bit of a result with this. If you spent £7 you got a free toner, facial wash and wipes. I only managed to get the wash and toner as they had run out of wipes as the offer had been on for a while. The woman in Boots was as useful as a chocolate teapot and had no interest in looking for me so I asked someone else who did actually investigate only to tell me that they had run out. Considering the freebies were about £6 each I think it was still worth it. I will be honest I am Liz Earle and Declore girl but wanted a little change. This is not bad especially that I only paid £11 (I bought the moisturiser) for all 3 but I did not think was the same league as the more expensive ranges. It made my skin slightly dry and the moisturiser was more runny than I am used to but overall not bad.

Fake eyelashes - Just a couple of sets of the more subtable styles as the larger ones don't suit me.

Sally Hansen Lip Inflation - This is the BEST gloss ever. I am a total nude gloss gal and I love this one. It has a lovely cooling tingly feel when it goes on and pumps up your lips without hurting. Think this was about £4 and you can get it on ebay. I got it from a small cosmetics shop.

All this bits i got for £15 which was not bad. The shop (sorry can't remember the name) threw in a free brush.

Horsey top - Matalan

Cherub top - Matalan

Butterfly top - Apricot

So that is my mini haul. You may think all I do is shop but i had a couple of days off from work and thought I would spend my time doing what I love SHOPPING :o) I really wanted the Eyeko nail polishes but Superdrug did not do them so I guess I will have to order them online.


  1. il have to look in matalan tomorrow some nice tops you showed, also those eyelashes were they from boots?

  2. Cute tops, love the horsey one :) xo

  3. Hi ladies

    Thanks let me know if you get anything. Thinkpink those lashes were from a shop called 'All Wellan Good' That is where I got the tan and lipgloss from as well. Think there are a few of them about x