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Saturday, 29 May 2010

Jewellery faves - Necklaces

Morning my lovely ladies - well today I thought I would start with the little fad I am into at the moment (I tend to have fads quite alot lol) are cute little necklaces. I generally wear large chunky jewellery (see rings) but I just love these....

These little necklaces. The first 3 on the left are from ebay. The seller has her own shop http://www.choochiechoo.com/ and she has some mega cute stuff. Cupcake from ASOS and the Cupcake name on the end is from Accessorize.

I am SOOOO into little flowers right now and have them on everything (see phone cover lol).

I need another silver necklace to wear with my postcard as I think they look cute layered.

I bought these little filo flowers from ebay and they have little holes in so I can make my own charms to add to my necklaces. I really cheap and easy way to add to my little collection just make sure you have pins and rings so you can thread them on.


  1. I love little charm necklaces =) some pretty ones there. I am checking out that ebay seller =) ahh I remember filo - I was never that good...! xx

  2. ahh thanks honey.The sellers name is Carly i think and super helpful. Let me know if you get anything xxx

  3. Hello :)... do you have the link to the ebayer that you bought the individual charms from? There really cute! :).x

  4. Hey sweetie they were from two sellers


    Hope that helps. I got the clips and stuff from the first seller

    t xx