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Hi guys welcome to my blog. This is for anyone who has a slight obsession with nail polish! From new products, reviews and swatches. As well as nail polish I love anything girly such as jewellery, cosmetics, fashion and of course shoes. If you are a girly girl please feel free to check it out t x

Saturday, 8 May 2010

Models Own - Lilac Dreams

This has to be my fave out of the summer colours. I generally go with dark colours and a huge purple fab, but as the trends change this is the one that leaps out at me most. It is a fantastic lilac colour which i love soooo much. Once again top coverage wicked :o)


  1. Oh man! I love this colour, it is so girly. Where did u purchased them? I heard a lot about this brand.. but I can't find them :(

  2. Hey Marilou

    Welcome to my blog :o) Love love love Models Own,they are currently my fave brand. Have loads of colours see older posts. You can purchase them from there site they are £5 each from www.modelsownit.com. They also do great offers on when you buy 3 you get money off and 5 you get even more off. let me know if you have any more questions

    t x