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Thursday, 20 May 2010

St Moriz fake tan review

Well I have been playing with little bottle of fake tan for 3 days now and as promised here is my review.
First thing I will say that it is great value and cost about £5.50 and the bottle is BIG! There is definitely at St Tropez feel to the whole thing which I liked. Also like St Tropez it is SCARY when it comes out. I actually took a little photo of a little of it on my hand but I have not posted it as it actually looked a little like pooh!!! lol call me childish I did find rather funny.

Sorry moving back on.....

It did apply pretty well and it was easy to rub in. I tend to use a everyday moisturising fakey underneath (my fave is Piz Buin) just so it applies better as I do have dry skin. However I also did do it without and it was fine. I always do mine before bed and shower in the morning. Once you have showered you will see that it is not as dark as when you apply it so def give it a good amount of time to develop as it wont be the true colour. They recommend at least 4 hours.

The result - A nice looking soft tan. A few people have mentioned that I look brown. I do tend to slap on fake tan and am not generally scared of it and try lots of them. I would definitely recommend this and it will go in my repeat purchase list..... x


  1. wow I am going to check that out. I am SO pale!
    Love Poppy

    The Culture Kitten (my fashion blog ) http://poppysperspective.blogspot.com/

  2. Hey lady, just stumbled across your blog and I likeee!!

    I absolutely LOVE this tan!!! So cheap and it goes on the same colour as my Fake Bake Extreme!! I have never looked back since using it haha!! Plus if I reapply about 3 times it goes super dark!

    Giddy Princess


  3. Hey ladies

    Def a wicked tan. I also liked Avon Mouse but they have stopped so well pleased I got this..

    Pleased you like my blog, bit scary starting one of these xxxx