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Sunday, 9 May 2010

Hair - Essential Damage Care

Hi guys

I had to post about this product as in my humble opinion it is the BEST hair product EVER. A huge statement I hear you cry but this is one product I seriously could not live without.

I have bonded hair extensions and have had them for 18 months now. When I get them changed the quality of hair can really differ and on this last batch it was really dry and knotty! Very annoying and actually rather stressful. I tried tons of products then Imogen from http://www.foxylocksextensions.com/ who is a hair extension, guru wrote a post on her blog Bubble Dreams about what a fantastic product this was. Well she was not wrong. It is amazing. There are two different types (Pink - Nuance Airy and Yellow - Rich Premier). To be honest I can not really tell that much of a difference between the two as they are both great.

As the products are from Thailand there are no real instructions. I done what Imogen recommended which was to put it on the hair for 15 minutes once a week which made my extension (did not put it near the bonds) lovely and silky. However I do now use it everyday as my normal conditioner and leave it on for 3-5 minutes.
The only place I know where you can purchase it from is from ebay and the seller is called thaipants (cool name eh) and in the search box type in "essential". It works about about £13 including postage. So if you are someone that has a mare with there hair then give it a go. I have got my mates using it now lol x


  1. I just bought the Essential Rich Premier set today too :) Cant wait till it arrives since I have been reading so many good things about it!

    Oh and im now following you :)


  2. I think this is the best darn hair treatment condition EVER! Even the smell is to die for. I have been using it for ages - bought mine in Singapore! I think it is best to use it once a week since you paid so much for it.

    I cannot begin to explain how this conditioner actually change my life or hair. I actually have to ask my family to post more to me.

    My instruction is in English.
    Usage: After Shampoo squeeze excess water and apply appropriate amount evenly on hair. Leave on for 5 minutes and rinse thoroughly. For best results, use 1-2 times weekly.

    But I leave on for 15 minutes too.
    Hope that helps.



  3. Hey ladies

    Yes def agree this stuff is amazing you wont be disappointed beautyandthebeast. I use mine every day now and i have noticed they now do a shampoo and conditioner set which I am def buying.

    Thanks for the instructions Nur Bamadhaj I agree with everything you say.

    Keep checking back going to be putting lots of new and exciting things on here

    t x