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Sunday, 23 May 2010

Lust List - May

Hi guys

Thought I would do a little mini wish list of things I have seen of late that I would not mind owning. I am going away to Spain soon for a cheeky little week with my mate so want to get a couple of new cute outfits. I am sure there are loads more but here is a little taster of things I could be purchasing.....

Bow shoes - Chockers
I love things with bows on and I really love these shoes. I don't need them but I do want them hehe

Face shoes - Topshop
These are wicked and soooo me. Totally out there and mental looking I think I need these hehe

Dress - Forever unique
This is so pretty but it is alot of money so this is one that may stay on the wish list...

Dress - Lipsy
I tried this on and it is one that looks alot better on. This little bad boy may be coming with me.

Dress - Lipsy
This again is so pretty but not tried it, may have a little order but Lipsy comes out with wicked stuff all the time

Cuff - Bags of Sparkle
I love this so much, i really wanted a chunky studded cuff to go with my white dress so I think I will be ordering this (see May haul) and this is perfect

Ice Cream necklace - Boohoo
This is way cute, I am a sucker for anything cupcakey/icecreamy so this may have to be ordered. Boohoo is such a good website as well

Lipsy cuff - Lipsy
Another item from Lipsy. They have so many cool things this year and there jewellery has got better and better

Butler & Wilson clutch - QVC
This is fab and sooooo pretty but it is pretty pricey. I know it is currently out of stock which is probably a good thing hehe

Nail polish sets - Eyeko
I could not finish my wishlist without some cool and funky nail polishes. I have had my eye on these for ages now so come pay day they will be mine lol

What do you think? I will let you know what I end up getting. So don't need shoes!!! but hey who needs shoes lol ....
t x


  1. I nominated you for a blog award! <33



  2. oh my goodness honey that is really sweet of you. I am very new to the blog world so not sure what it is but sounds nice, thank you xxxx

  3. Oh you have good taste i love all of them. Just found your blog so am now following xx

  4. ahh thank you honey that is so sweet. As you can see it am pretty new to this so it lovely to see you like what I like xxxxx