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Sunday, 6 May 2012

Im back after 8 months - Primark Haul

Hey ladies

Well firstly I just wanted to apologise to everyone that does actually reads my blog as it has been such a long time since I have posted. To be honest I have had a year from hell and not really felt much like blogging. Pretty much every aspect of life has been hit hard (which I wont bore you with) but the finale came back in February when my Daddy passed away unexpediently which was horrendous...  As you can imagine my heart has not been in it...

However, I have decided to try and focus on something that I enjoy and thought what better way to start was with a haul!!! Even better a Primark Haul as I know so many of you love Primark.... I have another 3 more posts lined up of lots of lovely things that I have purchased over the last 4 months which I will share with you soon...

So without further ado lets get to it...

(OMG it has been so long I can't remember how to add pics lol)...

Royal Blue Blazer - £15
This is such a cool little blazer, I have seen so many bloggers/you tubers with the minty green ones which is fab, but decided to go with the bright option..

Floral Blazer - £20
Now personally I think this is pretty pricey for Primak but I loved it. I will say that I find that their blazers come up a little large so I had to get a smaller size in both of these..
Playsuit - £5
OMG was so happy with this. This little playsuit was all on it's own and had no tag. It fit like a glove and when I got to the till they only charged me £5 so I was super duper happy :)..  

Shirts - £10 each
I love these shirts. I bought the pink first and went back for the next one which is actually emerald green in real life. After wearing it one weekend 3 of my friends went out and bought them. They have like 10 colours in them and the sort of thing that looks so much better on..

Shorts - £11 approx
I bought these about 3 months ago as I went to Thailand back in March so did my holiday shopping early. Again pretty pricey for Primark but they have lots of little pearls on them which you can't see and fit like a glove. Def worth the money..

Jeans - £13
Yes I have also jumped in the pastel/neon bandwagon. Again like lots of peeps I felt it was not worth spending tons on a loud pair of jeans but have to say they fit me so well and they do a short leg (I am 5ft 1half inches (yes the half is v important lol) they do tons of colours but not many in my size/leg length but v interested in the mint and lilac ones..

Belt - £2.50
How much does this look like a Ted Baker rip off.... love this and such a bargain!!

Shorts - £14
Wow bought these back in January I think. Love, love, love them but not had chance to wear them YET!!

Skirt - £14
Again bought in January and love it, all on it's own and looked pretty cute with a black corset as it looks likes a dress..

Corset type tops - £5 each
These are fab, I have 3 of them and they are such a good buy and would encourage everyone to get them as they look fab under blazers. I have show here the white and black but do have the neon pink as well and want to get more colours. They have that hold you in material that is every girls best friend :)..

Dress - £6
Sorry but what blogger/you tuber does not have this dress lol. I saw it on a 100 channels and had to have it. Love it but will say it is a little short even for my tiny height but sooo cute.. 

Dress - £5
Again sooo happy about this one. I had my eye on this for a while and it was reduced from £13 to £5 and it is super cute. Def looks better on..

Shirt - £10
My latest addition, tried lots of Peter Pan collars on and decided on this one. Still not sure as I wanted a summer colour (not sure why, as it has not stopped raining) but it is cute..

Flip flops - £6
LOVEEEEEEEEEEEEE these so much. They also do them in pink but they fit funny so will go back and try them again as they are such a bargain and super duper cute..

Flip flops - £6
Again v v pretty and they do them in yellow in our store as well but thought these would work well with all the denim that I seemed to have purchased of late lol..

Phew so there you have it... my first post in 8 months. I hope you enjoy this. I had bought some of these items a few months ago but pretty sure most of them are still in store.

I plan to do lots of OOTD as well as I have not really done these before as hard to take pics but hopefully I will get round that as well as I really want to get back in to my blog.

So let me know what you think and would love to see any of you latest purchases.

t xxxx


  1. Sorry to hear you've had a tough time. Good to see you blogging again - looking forward to your posts. :)


  2. Hey honey

    Ahhh thank you, appreciate your post and good to be back... (lots more hauls to come lol)xx

  3. I'm sorry for your lost..Welcome back!

  4. Sorry to hear all this... My sincere condolences!

    I'm glad you're back, though.

  5. Ah thanks honey

    Hope you are well :o)