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Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Random accessory haul....

Evening ladies

Well I seem to have a few bits and pieces that I had purchased over the last 3 months and not posted about them as my camera is sick. In the end I took some pics on my iphone so I could put them in one post. As normal it is mainly jewellery as I do have a slight obsession for costume jewellery.

So without further ado this is what I got:

Bird Scarf - £4 - Primark
This is not as bright in real life, it is more of a dark peach with green birds

Cameo Scarf £4 (I think) - Primark

Baggy Animal print top - £10ish I think - H&M

Cuff - £5 - Miss Selfridge in the sale

Cuff - £5 - Miss Selfridge 
I love this one of my fave new pieces

Cuff - £12ish - Ebay
I really wanted the Fiona Paxton one but it was over £100 but I found this looky likey on ebay and I love it. This looks a bit yellow in the picture but it is definitely more gold 

Earrings - £2 - Primark
BARGAIN can you believe these 6 pairs are only £2

3 Rings are from Ebay 
I purchased these before Christmas and they took forever to get to me and they got lost in the post!! so I got the first one free which was a bit of a result

Ring - £2.50 - Primark

Finally my lovely friend Jenny sent me these 2 rings from the states - thank you hunnie

So that is it. I have a few other pieces which I will post shortly but just wanted to get this up in case some of you like these items and want to buy them.

Hope you likey and if you have any questions or have anything cool to show me please let me know

t xxx


  1. I love the bird scarf I am addicted to both, I also love the earrings <3 <3

  2. Thanks ladies

    All the pretty summer stuff is starting to arrive, makes me so happy. So looking forward to seeing what all the shops have to offer :o)

    t xx

  3. Awesome Haul! I love all your accessories especially the earrings!

  4. LOVe love love the baggy leopard tee :-)
    An OOTD would be so cool. Also the rings you got are super pretty! I like when a ring is massive!

  5. ahhh thank you honey. I really want to do some OOTD posts but it is getting the pics taken. I think hubby would annoy me cos he would take forever to take them hehe xxx