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Friday, 11 February 2011

Leighton Denny 7 piece desirables collection

Happy Friday ladies

Sorry not posted for a while. Had lots of nasty things going on with work and then I had a bit of misshap with my camera (namely lost all my pics because the card corrupted so was a tad CROSS)!!! So used my iphone for these snaps.

Neway just wanted to get out a quickie post out so you knew I had not forgotten you all.

This is a lovely set I purchased from QVC last week. I am a huge Leighton Denny fan and own a stupidly large number of products!!!

Well this little set was the TSV for the day so set me back about £30 and when you think each polish retails at about £11 that is wicked value.

The set contained:

5 x High performance nail colours (from left to right)
Supermodel (creamy mink)
Berry Nice (deep berry)
Indulgence (deep creamy red)
Leading Lilac (shimmery lilac)
Lolly Pop (watermelon pink) - looks a bit orange but it is a pretty peach

1 x Miracle Drops (quick drying drops - not tried this yet)
1 x Cuti Lips (for lips and cuticles - love this been using it loads)
1 x Demi Trio Buffer
1 x Uno File
1 x Hoof Stick

I have been wearing some of these already and got loads of compliments. The quality of the these polishes and all the products for that matter are amazing. The brushes ensure the polishes paint on lovely and evenly and even the bottles feel luxurious and expensive.

Berry nice - an incredibly beautiful deep pink (looks more red in the photo) but is just stunning and super flattering.

Leading Lilac - this is stunning, this photo was on the 3rd day of wear and had not started chipping but changed it as I wanted to try one of the others lol.

I used 2 coats of polish,LD Undercover base coat and a Seche Vite top coat as that is still my favourite top coat out of all the ones I have tried.

I really do recommend trying Leightons range, he has so many fantastic products to try and one of the must try's for any nail collection is the crystal nail file.

If you are interested in purchasing this set it is from:
Item no: 223224
Price: £36.50 +p&p (mine was cheaper as it was a one day offer but still amazing value)

There are tons of LD products at QVC or check out at his signature site at:

t xx


  1. I love these colours :) I never heard about this brand before , thanks for the review xx

  2. Oh I really, really love the lilac one. I might have to wait and order it myself. The pink/red one is lovely too. Thanks for posting these! :)

  3. Hey ladies

    Thanks for your comments. I would definately recommend this range as it is a salon brand think OPI. Colours are fab, let me know if you purchase :o)

    t xx

  4. I have never heard of this brand, but I love the "berry nice" color! Im thinking my next nail polish color will be raspberry tone! Thanks for posting the review

  5. Hey Elizabeth, thanks for your post. V impressed with LD polishes so def check them out. I know boots sell a small selection if you want to them in the flesh. Let me know if you get any xxxx

  6. I missed out on the leading lilac when it was available as a duo with Super Model - does any other manufacturer make a close match to leading lilac?

  7. i was looking through my referral stats on my blog and your blog and this post came up a couple of times. thank you :) i love your blog!